Square Enix President Hints At More Interest In Nintendo Switch Than Project Scorpio

In a recent interview with Japanese publication The Nikkei, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda revealed that the company is actually more focused and interested in Nintendo Switch than other platforms.

This NeoGaf post translates and highlights some of the key points from Matsuda’s interview and the company’s plans for some of its high profile titles like Final Fantasy XV.

According to Matsuda, Square Enix is mostly focusing on Nintendo Switch right now, even more so than the upcoming Project Scorpio from Microsoft. His interest in Switch can also be judged from the fact that the company wants more titles to be developed for Switch alongside trying to port older ones for the newer console.

Matsuda also talked about the failure of Square Enix games on smartphones and how the company is learning from that and will evolve.

He thinks the audience is more interested in a hardcore experience now instead of sticking with the same old light games that continue to use a tried and tested formula.

Square Enix will also be looking into changing their strategy with big titles by extending their life through updates and DLCs to ensure that audience sticks around for long and even after years, people would be interested in purchasing the games.

Speaking of games, Matsuda also talked about a potential change in policy when releasing games in Japan followed by a western launch a few months later. According to him, this was not a good idea especially when it comes to story focused games.

He also expressed interest in tapping some of the other bigger markets such as India and Middle East. Whether this would mean regional pricing or localization remains to be seen.

Since 2017 is the 30th Anniversary of Final Fantasy franchise, Matsuda touched upon that as well and assured that more announcements regarding the anniversary will be coming soon.

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