Square Enix Posts Demonstration Of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tactical Mode

Back at E3 this year, Square Enix went into a good amount of detail on the combat system for the remake of Final Fantasy 7. Chief among these announcements was the reveal of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tactical Mode, which players could use to use the abilities of their party.

Tactical Mode works by having your characters fight manually throughout the battle. Each successfully landed blow makes you gain energy, which you can then use to enter the Tactical Mode with a press of the X button, slowing time and allowing you to make decisions like when to use abilities.

The Square Enix Twitter post showing off the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tactical Mode used Cloud to show off the system in action, letting him use his Braver ability on a group of unfortunate Shinra soldiers, one of the many flashy things you can do in the game.

There are also multiple ways that you can use the tactical mode. For instance, if you just want to focus on strategizing like in the old days, the game has a setting where your party does basic attacks automatically, allowing you to just watch the fun and from time to time have them use an ability.

The new Final Fantasy 7 combat system is a big step up from the original game, which was a standard turn-based RPG battle system. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is instead more like the Final Fantasy 15 combat system, with real-timed, controllable combat where you can issue commands to your party.

Since Final Fantasy 7 Remake is supposed to be coming out on March 3 of next year, hopefully we’ll be getting more examples from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tactical Mode in the near future, not just with Cloud but hopefully multiple other party members and moves as well.

The game comes out on March 3 of 2020 exclusively for the Playstation 4.