Square Enix Officially Announces Final Fantasy 15 PC Version For A 2018 Release

After all the rumors and teases, Square Enix has finally announced Final Fantasy 15 PC version during Nvidia’s Gamescom conference and from the looks of this, it might not only be a great port but also the definitive version of the game.

Final Fantasy 15 PC version, titled Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, boasts 4K high resolution textures, Dolby Atmos support alongside Nvidia Gameworks features such as Turf Effects, ambient occlusion and Ansel screenshot mode. The definitive Final Fantasy 15 PC version will also include all the DLC released for the game so far, including season pass content such as the character episodes and the upcoming multiplayer mode.

Speaking of multiplayer, the Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer will be available at the end of this year and is included in the season pass of the game. While Square Enix’s announcement suggests the $60 price tag might include the base game and all the season pass content, that might actually not be the case in the end.

The PC release of the game will also include all the free content released so far including the story fixes and the Magitek Exosuits.

As was originally mentioned during their teasers and due to the scale of the world, Final Fantasy 15 PC version will most probably require pretty beefy systems to run at a decent frame rate and good visuals. The PC tech demos so far shown have been on a GTX 1080Ti so it is possible that the minimum requirements might ask for something along the lines of a GTX 970.

There is currently no fixed date on the release of Final Fantasy 15 PC version besides a general window of early 2018. The game will be releasing on all 3 major distribution platforms: Steam, Origin and Windows 10. It is unclear whether the multiplayer part of the game will feature cross-platform play or not.

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