Square Enix Cancelled A Bloodborne-Like Game Before Bloodborne Was Announced

It has been revealed that publisher Square Enix was once working on a Bloodborne-like game but with cooperative gameplay elements before the original Bloodborne was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

According to the collected Famitsu columns (via ResetEra) of director and producer Naoki Yoshida, the team behind Final Fantasy 14 was already a year into creating a Bloodborne-like all-new intellectual property when Square Enix tasked them to fix Final Fantasy 14 after it was declared to be a commercial failure.

The project was being headed by Yoshida and included Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai, Final Fantasy 16 writer Kazutoyo Maehiro, and longtime Final Fantasy artist Akihiko Yoshida.

“It was similar to Bloodborne” with “the same weapons and guns” and “gothic style” in addition to other systems,” noted Takai and Yoshida. The only difference was that their version of Bloodborne had “a few sci-fi elements” and was a hardcore action game instead of a role-playing one.

Furthermore, the Bloodborne-like game featured asymmetric multiplayer similar to the likes of Evolve or Dead By Daylight where four players would take on the gruesome world in a cooperative fashion.

“It was basically Bloodborne,” reiterated Yoshida. “I think it would have been a huge failure.”

The project was canceled around eight months after Yoshida and his team left to save Final Fantasy 14. Both Yoshida and Takai were stunned when Sony first announced Bloodborne. For better or worse; if Square Enix had continued working on its own Bloodborne game, the decrepit secrets of Yharnam would have most probably overshadowed whatever Yoshida and his team pumped out.

The canceled project though is strongly rumored to have been rebooted into Bloodmasque, a vampire-hunting mobile role-playing game that Square Enix released under director Ryutaro Ichimura in 2013.

Elsewhere, Final Fantasy 16 has nearly completed its development and a new trailer is expected to arrive shortly. Bloodborne though remains to receive a sequel. The acclaimed franchise has been at the front of a whole pile of rumors that include the game receive a remaster for PC and PlayStation 5.

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