Spyro Reignited Ripto’s Rage Collectibles Locations Guide

Return to your childhood adventures with your favorite friendly dragon in Spyro Reignited Trilogy. In our Spyro Reignited Ripto’s Rage Collectibles Locations Guide, we have looked at all obtainable collectibles and their locations.

Spyro Reignited Ripto’s Rage Collectibles Locations

There are a lot of secret items to discover and collect as you fly around various tropical regions in the game.

These include the three types of orbs according to their locale, gems and the Dragonfly Eggs that were previously, back in the day of PS1, only exclusive to Japanese versions of the game.

If you want to spawn them you will have to insert a PocketStation into the memory card slot. There are a total of 21 Dragonfly eggs in the game and it can be difficult to find some of them.

If you have found any, they can be hatched using the PocketStation. They can be used instead of Spark as some of them may have better skills.

Below, we will be focusing on all collectibles that can be found within the second game of the series and collection: Ripto’s Rage.


Most of the gems will be quite easy to find thanks to Sparx’s Gem Pointer ability. This ability will highlight the locations of nearby Gems. For the ones that are miss-able and rather difficult to find, we have listed them below:

Summer Forest
In Glimmer, go up the ladder in the cave and go behind the Roo the Gemcutter, there in the corner, there is some dry grass which has a Red gem hidden inside it.

In Colossus, you can find a gem inside a snowy cave. First, use your Spring Power-up to hop onto the roof where the Return Home Portal is situated. From there walk along the path to the cave.

In Idol Springs, during the beginning of the level, make your way to the bottom of the lake. There, you will find two Purple Gems right of the tunnel.

In Sunny Beach, traversing the outside area you will come across a corridor. To the right, you will find a Purple Gem while left to the button; you will find the Green Gem in the corner.

In Aquaria Towers, after flooding the level, head to the room near the metallic tower. Head to the top most platform to grab the two Purple Gems on this tower.

Autumn Plains
In Crystal Glacier, two gems are located near Moneybags at the edge of the cliff. Some more can be found in the same residence as that of Chief Shaman Tuk, about three baskets of Gems.

Remember to deal with the three guards first to enter the settlement. In Breeze Harbor, when you approach the end of the level, a basket of Gold Gem can be found near the catapult.

In Zephyr, where you first use the Balloon Vase as cannon, there in the ravine, you may find a Purple Gem.

In Fracture Hills, your goal would be to reach the Sealed Chest containing gems. For that purpose, you can use your Supercharge ability to come out the second tunnel.

From here, you need to hop onto the rocky bridge and turn left from the island of lava to reach the platform that will lead you to the Sealed Chest.

In Scorch, make your way to the bridge that leads to the series of steps that ultimately lead to the green moat surrounding the settlement. From here, follow along with the Whirlwind and at the top, you will find the Gems you are looking for.

In Magma Cone, in the earlier part of the level, you will find yourself ascending a ladder that overlooks a lava floor along with a pathway that holds some gems.

Hop onto this walkway to collect three Purple Gems. Then, when you find Zoe by climbing onto a different ladder, take a left onto a grassy region to find one green and one purple gem.

Winter Tundra
In Winter Tundra Home, right behind the door to Ripto’s Arena, you will find seven gems. Do note that you will require 40 Orbs to gain access to this entrance.

In Mystic Marsh, break the Balloon Vase above Basil the Explorer. You can use the Spring Power-up for this job. Thereafter, you will be able to collect ten gems.

In Cloud Temples, within the first building, you enter in this level, you will make your way to the room on the left. Peering over to the right from here, you can observe breakable vases that can get you Purple and Green Gems.

The sealed chest near Agent Zero is a bit tricky to break open. First, you will need to defeat 21 enemies and complete Murgen the Wizard’s Orb challenge to activate the Superfreeze Power-Up.

Ride the whirlwind behind him to the roof and then glide over the rocket to the left in the bell tower to flame it up and cause it to break the sealed chest open. Collect two Red Gems, and a Purple and Green Gem each.

Summer Forest Orbs

Orbs are required to gain access to multiple locked areas. Although the requirement here is quite less, you will need to have collected a whole lot of orbs to gain access to the final boss fight.

Below, you will find directions for getting a decent amount of orbs according to the respective regions of the Summer Forest.

Summer Forest Home
The first orb can be collected on your way towards the completion of the challenge that you acquire from the Hunter. He can be found as you glide your way across Glimmer that you enter via a Portal.

In the way, you will come across a broken bridge after which you need to take the stairs on the right to reach the Hunter.

For the second orb, first, learn the Swim ability from Moneybags in the lake outside the castle. This can be done for a cost of 500 Gems.

Then head back to the area containing the portal to Glimmer and swim in the river that leads to the pool on the left and ultimately to the exit of the tunnel. Ascend the steps up to the ledge that holds the Orb.

After learning the Climb ability from Moneybags in Autumn Plains Home, make your way to the building of the castle that houses the portals to Hurricos and Sunny Beach.

From the location of Elora, climb up and follow along the walkway to reach the Orb.

Again, from the two portals to Hurricos and Sunny Beach, climb up the steps on the left to reach a door. Again, hop onto the steps after which you will come across a window along with a button and a door.

Make sure the button is pressed such that the door closest to you is closed. Glide out from the window to another one right across from it. Climb inside and continue along the pathway to acquire the Orb.

Glimmer Forest
The first orb is received as the reward for completing the Orb Challenge. To acquire the task, you will first need to head to a cave that lies past the Return Home Portal.

Speaking with Bounsa here, you unlock a small tutorial that teaches you the Spit ability. Follow along with the tutorial that involves eliminating three Little Lizards with this new ability of yours.

After the tutorial, you will need to deal with three lizards more that you can find within the cave when you return to it. Pay special attention to the ledges here, as the lizards will be roaming around them.

Complete the whole challenge to receive the Orb as the reward from Bounsa.

To undertake the second orb challenge, first eliminate 10 enemies and then speak with Kanga who will activate the Superfly Power-up for you.

Colossus Orbs
There are three orbs in total in Colossus. You can find the first one in Hockey VS Goalie game, the second one in the Hockey One on One game, and the third one during Evil Spirit Search.

Idol Springs Orbs
There are two orbs in Idol Springs. The first one will be achieved by solving Foreman Bud’s Puzzles. The second one is granted after the Hula Girl Rescue.

Hurricos Orbs
This location has three orbs. The first one is in the Stone thief chase mission. The second and third can be found in the Factory Glide missions both 1 and 2.

Sunny Beach Orbs
There are three orbs in this location. They will be found in Blasting boxes, Turtle Soup 1 and 2.

Aquaria Towers Orbs
There are three orbs in this location as well. These are present in The Seahorse race, Manta Ride 1 and 2.

Ocean Speedway Orb
This location has only 1 orb in the Mission Follow Hunter.

The Autumn Plain Orbs
Getting these orbs is a bit more challenging than the previous ones in Summer Forest. Here are all the locations in Autumn Plains where you will find these orbs:

Autumn Plains Home Orbs
There are two orbs in this area. The first is at the end of the wall and the second is after the Long Glide.

Skelos Badlands Orbs
There are three orbs in this area. They will be found in Lava Lizards 1, 2 and Dem Bones missions.

Crystal Glacier Orbs
There are two orbs in this area. The first one is at the Dracklet Cave and the second is George the Snow Leopard.

Breeze Harbor Orbs
There are two orbs here, one is gear grab and one in a mine blast.

Zephyr Orbs
The four orbs in this area will be found in Cowlek Corral I and II and Sowing Seeding I and II.

Scorch Orbs
The first orb is found after Barrel of Monkeys and the second one after Capture the Flag.

Fracture Hills Orbs
The first orb is found after free the Faun, the second after Alchemist Escort and the third after Earthshaper Bash.

Magma Cone Orbs
The three orbs here are found in Party Crasher, Crystal Geysers I and II.

Shady Oasis Orbs
There are two orbs in this area found in Catch 3 thieves mission and Free Hippos.

Metro Speedway Orb
Only one orb here in Grab the Loot.

Icy Speedway Orb
Only one orb here in Parasail Through Rings.

Winter tundra Orbs
The orbs have a different mechanism as compared to the other orbs because the talisman has been replaced with orbs, so you don’t need the talisman anymore to get into the Ripto’s Arena, you just need to get 40 orbs. The orbs in this area are present in:

Winter Tundra Home Orbs
The first orb in this location is at the Top of the Waterfall, the second one is on the Tall Wall and you will get the third one after you smash the rock.

Mystic Marsh Orbs
You will get the fix orb when you fix the Fountain, the second after completing Very Versatile Thieves and the third after Retrieving Professor’s Pencil.

Cloud Temple Orbs
The specific location of orbs in this area is unknown.

Robotica Farms Orbs
The three orbs in this area can be achieved by Switching on the Big Light, Clearing the Tractor Path and Exterminating the Cow Bugs.

Metropolis Orbs
Get the four orbs in this area by Conquering Invading Cow, Completing Shoot down Sheep Saucers I and II and OX bombing.

Canyon Speedway Orb
There is a single orb in this area that you can get by completing Shoot down Balloons mission

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