Spotify Launches for PlayStation 4 on May 30

PlayStation 4 users will unfortunately have to wait two more months to gain access to the popular Spotify music streaming service.

According to Tweets made by PlayStation France, Spotify will become part of Sony’s new music platform PlayStation Music on May 30. Once launched, PlayStation 4 users will be able to access their Spotify playlists and stream music directly through their console.

The app will be available through both its free and premium membership, giving Sony’s consumer-base the option to stick with the free version if they so please.

Spotify is also due for release on the PlayStation 3 and Xperia smartphones and tablets. However, Sony’s announcement doesn’t clarify whether we can expect the music streaming service to roll out on these devices on the same day it lands on the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s current music platform Music Unlimited service will shutdown tomorrow on March 29 to make way for the new PlayStation Music platform. Sony has previously mentioned that PlayStation Music will be available in forty-one markets at launch, including UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

via VideoGamer

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