Splitgate Is Free To Play Now On Steam

Splitgate, a first-person arena shooter that combines gameplay elements from Halo and Portal video games, is now free to play on Steam.

Splitgate combines the shooting aspect of an FPS with the puzzle aspect of a Portal mechanic. The portals work very similarly to the Valve Portal games.

They can be used to travel from A-B with great speed depending on how much momentum you can gather along the way. Portals can also be used to get flank routes on enemies as well as shoot them from safe cover. Watch the ceilings for Portal traps.

The movement and shooting might feel a little slow to anybody that’s been playing the recent Call of Duty games. This is due to Splitgate being more reminiscent of the classic Halo days. The combination with portal strategies balances the game out though.

1047games monetizes Splitgate by charging in-game currencies for cosmetics and various forms of customization such as weapon skins and armor pieces.

Developer has mentioned plans to bring Splitgate to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. The PC exclusivity is more of a testing phase, so until it reaches the consoles, Splitgate is free to play on Steam.

Playing the game within the first week will reward players with a special weapon skin. Other than the free to play Steam game, Valve has released the listing for the best selling games on Steam.

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