Splinter Cell Blacklist Puts Your Mind to Work

Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Veering out of sight in the enemy zone, swerving away just to strike back from around the corner; you’ll need to do lot more than storming right onto the enemy guns ablaze in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Bound to hit the market on the 20th of August 2013; the latest sequel to the famed action-adventure is evidently going to be harder than any game in the series.

Sam Fisher is the head of the 4th Echelon unit that will try to take down terrorist posing threats to the United States named the Blacklist. It’s a do-or-die situation for you, though you have all the support you need for the President of the United States the situation will oft get perilous and you must end up winning.

There are to be three different approaches to the game but stealth and tactical genius would be rewarded more in terms of the in-game points system. Termed as the Ghost approach; it will assert a calculated move towards the enemy –the more unfelt you are, the better.

The Assault approach will be typical of the guerrilla players tending to create mayhem out of the never ending shoot-outs – more appropriate for players who prefer to be in the fast lane.

Lastly, the middle lined approach, named Panther will present to you a mix of both Assault and Ghost – my personal favorite.

Maxime Bealand, the creative director labels the game as a “stealth trainer” according to Ubisoft. Translated into gameplay terms it means that you might get an extra bit of reward points if you, for instance, take a non lethal approach to take down your enemy rather than shoot him with an AK47!

The situation will be further spiced up with the A.I factor since everything isn’t going to be scripted. Bealand goes on to say that “For us it’s important that we’re creating these little sandboxes; we’re putting some A.I. there, and then we’re giving all these tools to players. And we’re just saying, go ahead and have fun, go play with the A.I”

But then again, having to face the stealth necessitating version of the game will be unavoidable only if you are playing at the Perfectionist level –its kudos for you if you prefer the easier modes!

Would you have the patience to hold back your horses in Splinter Cell Blacklist or would you want to go wielding guns all the time?

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