Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer Guide – Spies Vs. Mercs

One feature that really gained applaud in Splinter Cell Conviction was the unique multiplayer mode. The mode makes a return in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, introducing us to all the goods that made those multiplayer mechanics so exciting.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer

The Spies vs. Mercs mode pits two very asymmetrical teams against each other. Players must work with their teams to reach certain objectives and take out the opponents. The key factor in determining the victor is how much one team is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and also those of their opponents.

After each match, you will be scored on your performance. In public matches, your score is converted into cash and experience, which aid in leveling up. When you level up, you acquire unlock tokens.

These tokens are essentials for obtaining advanced equipment and weaponry. The maximum level is 50, which earns you Elite armor parts.

Gameplay Modes

Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer has various gameplay modes. They are detailed as follows:

SvM Blacklist
The SvM Blacklist is a 4v4 multiplayer mode consisting of two rounds each. In the first round, one team players the spies while the other plays as the Mercs. The second round simply switches roles.

In each round, the Spies must hack into three terminals that are scattered across the maps.

The Mercs must prevent this hacking, defending the terminals. The Spies can use their various techniques to get around the area, while the Mercs have a more brute nature and work better in assaults.

The Mercs must skill the Spy hacking the terminal, while the rest of the Spies must defend their hacker ally. The team which hacks the most terminal wins. If both teams tie, the winner is determined by how much progress the teams have made on the other terminals.

SvM Classic
The Classic mode of SvM has a 2v2 team layout. The job is to eliminate the other team. What makes this such an interesting mode is that there are no customizations for either of the teams, and it is more or less of a hide-and-seek styled mode, except that you can kill the opponent.

Mercs must use flashlights to find the sneaky Spies, who must use their stealth skills to quietly take out the Mercs while hiding in the dark shadows.

The Extraction mode is a 4v4 multiplayer mode. In this mode the Mercs must infiltrate a ‘Spy base’ and attempt to extract intel. The job of the Spies is to prevent this from happening. Like in SvM Blacklist, there are two rounds.

In the first round one team defends as the Spies while the other attacks as the Mercs, and in the second round sides are switched. Team with the most number of intel captures wins at the end of the two rounds.

Uplink Control
The Uplink Control games are also 4v4, but unlike the previously mentioned modes, the two teams can have a mix of Spies and Mercs. Each team starts off with a base Uplink, and must move around the map to capture other uplinks as well by holding them for a small period of time.

Only one uplink can be active at a time. At the end of the round, the team with the most uplinks wins.

Team Deathmatch
This classic multiplayer mode needs no introduction. The 4v4 mode pits to two teams against each other in a battle of life and death. Like Uplink Control, the teams can have a mix of Spies and Mercs.

Team with the most kills at the end of the round wins.

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Spies

The Spies play from a third-person perspective, and much of their movement and control mechanics are like Sam Fisher’s in the singleplayer campaign.

They have amazing agility that allows them to climb walls and pipes, hang off ledges, and lurk in corners. They also have the ability to Shadowblend, completely disappearing from enemy sight in shadows.

The downside to playing as the Spies is that you will lack heavy armor and weaponry, and will be more fragile in direct shootouts.


The Torso armor determines the Spy subclass. The following are the special abilities that a spy can acquire:

Intel Scout – Scouts can tag all enemies within their vicinity. The tagged enemies are then visible to all allies.

Predator – Equipped with the digital Ghillie Suit, predators have the ability to cloak for a short duration to become completely invisible to enemies.

Saboteur – The Saboteurs are equipped with the Overcharge Suit, which can make mines and grenades explode against their owner. The overcharging also depletes Special Ability resource of nearby enemies.


Spies have various gadgets available to them. These are:

EMP Grenade – The EMP grenade generates an electromagnetic pulse, which disables lights and destroys nearby enemy gadgets.

Flashbang – A grenade with a concussive explosion that blinds and deafens enemies for a short duration.

Sentinel – A tool that neutralizes incoming drones and grenades.

Smoke Grenade – Grenade that releases smoke to cloud enemy vision

Sticky Camera – The Sticky Camera is an espionage tool that sticks to walls and surfaces to give remote view.

Splinter Cell Blacklist – Mercs

Unlike the spies, the Mercs play from a first-person view perspective, making the entire experience like a shooter game. The Mercs have the luxury of being able to equip heavy armor and carry powerful weapons, which can allow them dominance in open shootouts.

However, the downside of playing as the Merc is that they have limited sight (aren’t aware of a 360 degree surrounding like the Spies), cannot climb ledges and lurk in corners, and are easily susceptible to ambushes in slightly dark areas.

Mercs can equip one of three pieces of torso armor to gain specific abilities that determine their subclass.

Disruptor – Equipped with the Disruptor Suit, these high-tech mercs can disable gadgets and scramble enemy vision by the tagging system. They can also disrupt the enemy’s Special Ability activation.

Hunter – The Hunters are equipped with a UAV for remote-controlled recon. They can also deploy drones and detonate them near enemies to neutralize them.

Peacemaker – The Peacemakers are equipped with Adrenaline Suits, and have the ability to gain increased vision in the dark, heal themselves, gain increased speed, and temporarily boost regeneration.

Vision Modes
Mercs have an added ability to equip one of three different vision modes. Once equipped, these modes are active at all times.

ATS – The ATS stands for Acoustic Targeting System. It detects close enemy movements that make sound, and also explosions and gunfire.

Motion Tracker – This detects fast enemy movements. It cannot detect crouched movements or movement on ledges.

RFD – The RFD uses radio frequencies to detect electronic signatures emitted by enemy gadgets.

Mercs have various gadgets which they can use to gain superiority over their enemies.

Frag Grenade – The standard grenade that explodes into deadly shrapnel.

Intel Device – This gadget sends out a beam that tags enemies within range.

Proximity Mine – Proxy mines stick to surfaces, detonating when enemies come close.

Resupply Pack – The resupply pack refills weapon and gadget ammunition for your team.

VX Gas Grenade – This deadly grenade fills the entire area with a deadly poisonous gas that kills enemies over time.

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