Splinter Cell Blacklist High Value Targets Locations ‘HVTs Secured’ Guide

How to successfully neutralize all High Value Targets to unlock HVTs Secured achievement or trophy in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the sixth game of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series. It follows directly after the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction and this time Sam Fisher himself is the leader of the Fourth Echelon.

Like any good leader, he spends his time collecting information, usually in the form of Dead Drop Flash Drives, Blacklist Laptops or High Value Targets.

This particular guide covers all the High Value targets in the game, of which there are a total of 20. Capturing all the HVTs in the game will award you with the ‘HVTs Secured’ Achievement/Trophy.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist High Value Targets Locations

High Value Targets appear randomly during the missions in Splinter Cell Blacklist. Whenever there is a high value target in your vicinity, Grimm will notify you and ask you to capture it alive in order to retrieve the information about the Blacklist.

Walk near them and your HUD will display a white capture bar above their head. Trick is not to engage lethally and instead get a drop on them and once you are behind them, tap X for a quick capture and press again to ‘Bag & Tag’ them.


Sam will tie them up and let Grimm know that high value target has been secured. Continue capturing the high value targets during the missions and you should be able to unlock the achievement or trophy once you have captured about 20 of them.

To aid you in the process we have listed the locations of some of these High Value Targets.

Mission #1: Safehouse Benghazi, Libya

High Value Target #1
Location. After the section in the Police station, you move across to infiltrate some apartments. As you proceed, Grim will suddenly call in and tell you that there is a High Value Target in your vicinity.

If you listen you can hear his voice. Drop down to the left and continue towards the window in front of you to find the target.

Mission #2: Insurgent Stronghold Mirawa, Iraq

High Value Target #2
Location. When you pass through the tunnels that lead you to the middle village you’ll find yourself in a small structure. Exit it and go down the stairs in front of you.

There will be an alley next to a building here. Go through it and you will probably see the High Value Target in the area along the back of the building in front of you.

Mission #3: American Consumption Chicago, USA

High Value Target #3
Location. You can find this HVT when you head into the sewer system. There are several hostiles you need to take care of. Do so in any way you wish to. The target is down the corridor, past the stairs.

Mission #4: Private Estate Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay

High Value Target #4
Location. After you give Charlie access to the system and get the objective to disable the power, Charlie unlocks a window for you. Head through and there will be a pipe you can climb near a guard to the left.

From the roof you’ll be able to see the High Priority Target near the barbecue grill and patio.

Mission #5: Abandoned Mill London, UK

High Value Target #5
Location. When you enter the weapons lab, you’ll find yourself in the same room as a High Value Target right in the beginning.

Mission #6: Special Missions HQ Tehran, Iran

High Value Target #6
Location. When you’re trying to escape, go out the doors and head to the right of the large fountain in front of you. You will find the target behind the wall.

Mission #7: Transit Yards Philadelphia, USA

High Value Target #7
Location. When you go about disarming the third bomb in the Subway Yard, there will be a sniper in the control center overlooking the yard. He is a High Value Target.

Mission #8: Detention Facility Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

High Value Target #8
Location. When you need to clear the airfield of enemies in Mexico, the first hostile you encounter while heading towards the hangar will be a HVT.

Mission #9: LNG Terminal Sabine Pass, USA

High Value Target #9
Location. When Briggs tells you that the fires are burning out of control and you are asked to eliminate the Engineers so the emergency workers can do their jobs you will find this HVT.

He’s on the middle-right side of the area, on a lower level.

Mission #10: Site F Denver, USA

High Value Target #10
Location. After exiting the large, pentagonal room and entering the next area, keep taking the doors that lead north (your right as you leave the pentagonal room).

Eventually, you will come to a dead end where there is a vent to the left. On the other side of this vent is the HVT, to the right.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Hawkins Seafort

High Value Target #11
Location. When it becomes time for you to head on up to Objective C on the roof. There will be a sniper covering this point. He is the HVT you are looking for.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Border Crossing

High Value Target #12
Location. After completing the last objective, get on the roof and use the zipline to go between the cliffs to find this HVT.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Hackers’ Den

High Value Target #13
Location. As you go to Objective A, you will be able to hack the system. Then go through the hole in the wall and youi’ll find the High Value Target in the next room.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Opium Farm

High Value Target #14
Location. There is a house near the heavily armored enemy with a shield. The HVT is inside here.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Fish Market

High Value Target #15
Location. In the second part of this mission, you will come to a point where there is a deal site near a boat. The HVT is here, talking to another foe.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Blood Diamond Mine

High Value Target #16
Location. When you get to the mine, head to the lowest level. Here you will find the HVT.


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