Splinter Cell Blacklist Dead Drop Flash Drives Locations ‘Intel Acquired’ Guide

In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, there are a number of intel items that you can collect.

There are the High Value Targets, which are specific enemies that you must knock out and capture, the Blacklist Laptops, which need to be hacked for you to access their information, and the Dead Drop Flashdrives, which are scattered throughout the levels and look like regular old USB drives.

This particular guide covers all the Dead Drop Flashdrives in the game, of which there are a total of 24. Collecting all the Flash Drives in the game will award you with the ‘Intel Acquired’ Achievement/Trophy.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist Dead Drop Flashdrives Locations

These are small collectibles which you will find throughout the singleplayer campaign. You can make the process fairly simple by purchasing the first upgrade for the Command & Control sector in the Paladin; it makes them visible in your HUD.

If you intend to unlock this achievement or trophy, you should buy this upgrade as soon as you can because dead drop flash drives are small in size and can easily be missed when you are clearing the areas swarming with enemies.

Once you have purchased the upgrade, you will see these flash drives on your HUD which makes them easy to retrieve.

Mission #1: Safehouse Benghazi, Libya

Dead Drop Flashdrive #1
Location. Just after you enter the safehouse, there will be a hallway with stairs at the end leading to the second floor. Before taking the stairs, check the wooden dresser near the doorway to find a Dead Drop Flashdrive.

Mission #2: Insurgent Stronghold Mirawa, Iraq

Dead Drop Flashdrive #2
Location. When you head to the upper village in order to reach a communtications hub that is transmitting a signal, go to the northern side of the main area. You can find the Flash drive to the north east of one of the trucks parked in this place. It’s in a cot.

Mission #3: American Consumption Chicago, USA

Dead Drop Flashdrive #3
Location. When you reach the water filtration plant, there will be a room with a massive spiraling staircase. Instead of using the stairs, use the yellow ladder, then climb the pipes to move upwards. Soon you will find the Dead Drop on a ledge.

Mission #4: Private Estate Ciudad Del Este, Paraguay

Dead Drop Flashdrive #4
Location. When you’re going for the panic room after disabling the power, head to the second floor of the estate and search for the laundry room. You’ll find it to the right of the two large staircases in the main area.

Mission #5: Abandoned Mill London, UK

Dead Drop Flashdrive #5
Location. This Flashdrive is located in the living quarters of the interior of the Mill. There is a drone operator hiding in an office here, and the flash drive is located on a ledge on a wall to the right of this office.

Mission #6: Special Missions HQ Tehran, Iran

Dead Drop Flashdrive #6
Location. This can be found in the control center room of the signals vault. When you enter, simply look around to find it.

Mission #7: Transit Yards Philadelphia, USA

Dead Drop Flashdrive #7
Location. Near the first Semi in the first area is a yellow pipe you can climb to get to the gantry above. There you can find the Dead Drop at the end of the walkway.

Mission #9: LNG Terminal Sabine Pass, USA

Dead Drop Flashdrive #8
Location. Shortly after talking to the fire chief, you drop down to a walkway and an intersection. This is before you get to the control terminal. Here you can find a Dead Drop.

Mission #10: Site F Denver, USA

Dead Drop Flashdrive #9
Location. This will be located in the fourth area you enter, the large room shaped like a pentagon. You’ll find this on a ledge on the opposite side of the room from where you enter.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Hawkins Seafort

Dead Drop Flashdrive #10
Location. When you get to the showroom where you complete Objective A, you’ll find an elevator shaft entrance past the cannon. You can collect the Dead Drop Flashdrive if you climb up this elevator shaft.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Border Crossing

Dead Drop Flashdrive #11
Location. Again, head to the building marked for Objective A. You’ll find this USB next to a hole in the ceiling of the attic.

Anna Grímsdóttir 4th Echelon Mission: Hackers’ Den

Dead Drop Flashdrive #12
Location. There are a bunch of towers in the courtyard, one of which contains a sniper. In another tower close to this one you can find the USB drive.

Charlie Cole 4th Echelon Mission: Pakistani Embassy

Dead Drop Flashdrive #13
Location. When the mission starts, climb up to the balcony. Enter the room to the left to see a laptop. Opposite this is a window you can use to access a ledge that’s above. Go around the embassy and descend using a pipe to land in courtyard where you find this USB.

Charlie Cole 4th Echelon Mission: Swiss Embassy

Dead Drop Flashdrive #14
Location. Is the mission starts and you’re in the lobby, you should see a small balcony where the USB is located. Climb a pillar to reach it.

Charlie Cole 4th Echelon Mission: Egyptian Embassy

Dead Drop Flashdrive #15
Location. On the front face of the building there is a pipe that you can use to reach a ledge on the second floor. Go around the building and the two signs, then drop down to a window on the first floor and you’ll find the USB inside.

Charlie Cole 4th Echelon Mission: Russian Embassy

Dead Drop Flashdrive #16
Location. This collectible is found in the half-constructed building behind the embassy. Get to the roof of the embassy and there will be a zipline that leads to where you want to go. Once you’re in the correct building use the ventilation system to find the Dead Drop.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Opium Farm

Dead Drop Flashdrive #17
Location. For this one you need to head to the windmill. You’ll find one foe that you need to deal with but once he’s gone you can take the USB under the sails.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Fish Market

Dead Drop Flashdrive #18
Location. You can get this in the second section where you come across the deal site next to the boat. You need to somehow board the boat while avoiding the snipers. The USB is above them.

Andriy Kobin 4th Echelon Mission: Blood Diamond Mine

Dead Drop Flashdrive #19
Location. You’ll find this USB in the same room where you find the drone operator.


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