Splatoon is the Next Super Mario? Kimishima Hints at the Possibility of Milking it

Splatoon was released late last year for Wii U and it a very unique and highly engaging color based shooter. Players join forces to take on the other team by using guns that throw colors. You goal is to capture territories and the team which colors the largest section of the map wins the match.

In short, it is one of those rare family friendly shooters. Probably the only one of its kind!

Its ability of being family friendly may result in it being milked for years to come, something Nintendo and other companies happily do.

Speaking about the game, Nintendo President Mr.Kimishima said that painting colors as way to battle it out with friends is the reason Splatoon is accepted by family audience. He further revealed that Splatoon has sold well, so it can be extended as widely as Super Mario Bros.

However, we feel that Nintendo should focus on Splatoon making it to competitive events, that is one way to extent its presence and of course, we wouldn’t mind a couple of new installments. However, what they shouldn’t be considering it milking it for decades like Mario.

It isn’t hard to see that Splatoon is going to have a long life, lets how long Nintendo keeps it around.

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