How To Use Splatana In Splatoon 3

The newly introduced Splatana in Splatoon 3 is capable of handling close-quarters and even ranged encounters. Unlike the Roller, the Splatana unleashes swipes with its ink blade in a rapid sequence covering the ground with paint and even splatting your foes. This guide will explain how to utilize Splatana in Splatoon 3 with maximum efficiency.

How to use a Splatana in Splatoon 3

The Splatana is a gun-blade type of weapon. Due to its lack of range, you are prone to get targeted from a long range. To avoid that you will basically be positioning yourself to avoid getting hit at such a position like using covers to your advantage.

At best you can use the Splatana to out-flank your opponents and surprise them which allows you to get in range with them and deal massive damage to them.

There are two types of fire modes in Splatana: Normal Mode and Charged Mode.

Normal Mode that you can do by simply pressing the ZR button is similar to aiming and shooting a gun. Keep in mind to aim a bit higher since projectiles tend to work with gravity.

As for the Charged Mode of the Splatana, you will need to hold down and release the ZR button. At a successful hit, you will instantly one-shot your target but you will also be vulnerable to attacks when charging up the weapon.

Best gear abilities to use with Splatana

  • Stealth Jump: Will help hide your exact landing point from the players at a distance.
  • Swim Speed Up: When swimming, increases movement speed.
  • Run Speed Up: When in inkling or octoling form, increases movement speed

Types of Splatana

There are two types of Splatana as of now in the game

Splatana Wiper

  • Sub: Torpedo
  • Special: Ultra Stamp
  • Level Required: 5

Splatana Stamper

  • Sub: Burst Bomb
  • Special: Zipcaster
  • Level Required: 15

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