Splatoon 3 Shops & What Items You Can Buy

Most games traditionally have a single shop dedicated to all kinds of wares. Splatoon 3 does it differently. Every type of gear or item can only be purchased from a single shop.

So, if you are looking to get new shoes, you need to head to the Crush Station. If you want to get new clothing, you must head to the Man-o-Wardrobe.

The following are all the shops in Splatoon 3 and the items they sell accordingly.

Where to get the best gear in Splatoon 3

Naut Couture (headgear)

Gnarly Eddy runs Naut Coutre with the help of his tiny cute snail, Nails. In Naut Coutre, you can buy all sorts of headgear like hats, shades, masks, and helmets using coins. Make sure to check their abilities before buying though.

Naut Coutre unlocks when you reach level four. Remember that the shop rotates its items after every few hours, so you should drop in when possible to see what is up for sale.

Man-o’-Wardrobe (clothing)

If you wish to buy body gear, visit the biggest clothing shop in Spatville, Man-o’-Wardrobe. You will find Jel La Fleur, a jellyfish at the shop, who will guide you about clothing fashion. He’ll tell you if the top goes well with the shits or not. You can unlock this shop at level four.

Crush Station (shoes)

Need to buy footwear? Visit Mr. Coco at the Crush Station. You can buy any shoes in this shop as sneakers or any other footwear for special occasions. But you need to pay attention to the ability of each shoe to make the best match Crush station unlocks at level four as well.

Holantis (general)

Unlocked at level four, Holantis is the perfect place to find all your locker items such as decorations, flasks, etc. Harmony runs the shop and manages all its affairs of it.

The best thing about this shop is its catalogs, a form of reward pass given by Harmony that remains up-to-date with each season, and she will also give you things when you level up. The catalog levels can be gained by keep playing various game modes.

Ammo Knights (weapon)

You can find the best ammunition at Ammo Knights. It unlocks at level two and is run by Sheldon.

Players can buy weapons from varieties of ammunition, such as Splattershots, Dualies, and Splat Rollers by using Sheldon Licenses. There’s no system of coins in this shop. Sheldon Licenses can be earned when you level up and by using the weapons repeatedly.

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