How To Defeat Shiver (Site 4 Boss) In Splatoon 3

There are 6 sites in the Story mode of Splatoon 3 with each site having a different boss. Fight against Site 4 boss, Shiver, is very similar to that of Site 2’s boss, but don’t be overconfident. Shiver is a lot tough and stronger boss. This Splatoon 3 guide covers all the basics which will help you defeat Site 4 boss Shiver with ease.

How to defeat Shiver in Splatoon 3

The boss for Site 4 in Splatoon 3 is Shiver who you will encounter in The Pursuit of the Precious mission. Shiver is an edge-lord type character with hair covering half of their face and wearing a shark mask on top of it.

Just like the boss in Site 2, the battle against Shiver also consists of three phases.

Phase 1

During the battle, Shiver rides around on a shark she owns. A lot of its attacks can hurt you very badly if you aren’t careful, and it is extremely fast and deadly as well.

Shiver’s attacks during the first phase will be very predictable so it will become very easy for you to dodge them.

As you dodge these attacks, you can surround yourself with some ink so that when she attacks you, she gets affected by that ink as well. After getting infected by the ink, Shiver will run toward the water with its sharks.

Immediately hit Shiver’s shark after spotting it coming through the ring. As an alternative to swimming over the platform, the shark could swim directly toward you in this first phase.

The shark’s head will lift for a couple of seconds when it faces directly toward you, which means he is going to attack. No matter where the shark is, keep shooting whenever you can.

Phase 2

There are a lot more attacks in phase two of the battle against Shiver. Battle gets tough when sharks form tornadoes and shoot streams of ink across platforms.

The platform must be covered in your own ink to dodge easily, so make sure you’re ready to dodge instantly.

Don’t hesitate to strike the shark whenever you get the chance. He moves very fast, making it difficult to hit him, but it is important to stay safe when attacking.

Phase 3

As in the previous phases, the shark’s attacks are stronger and more frequent in the final phase of the battle. Keep your special attack in mind, ink your area to ensure safety, and carry out the same steps again.

For this last phase, you need some ink saved up if you want to do a lot of damage quickly. The battle against Shiver will be won once you strike the shark repeatedly.

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