How To Defeat DJ Octavio In Splatoon 3

Players might remember DJ Octavio as the last boss of Splatoon 2 but in Splatoon 3, you encounter this guy much earlier. DJ Octavio is the first boss players will encounter in Splatoon 3 after completing Camp Cuttle. If you are struggling to defeat Octobot King L3.Gs in Splatoon 3, allow our guide to help you out.

How to defeat DJ Octavio in Splatoon 3

DJ Octavio or Octobot King L3.Gs will be available for players to tackle after completing all the levels of Camp Cuttle.

Below we have outlined the best strategy to defeat DJ Octavio during every phase of his boss encounter.

Phase 1

The first stage will consist of a series of attacks including steel fists and drill punches. Octavio’s first attack will be the steel punch which will head right your way.

You can dodge this attack by shooting ink at him. Do note that you have to keep throwing ink until the punch turns away in another direction.

This attack will be followed by a drill punch which can be easily be dodged by moving to either side. Dodging this attack will cause his punch to be stuck in the ground, therefore he will try to attack again with a steel fist.

Dodge the attack in a similar manner as before while throwing ink at him. This will cause him to fall out of the mech and it indicates that the first stage is over.

Phase 2

This stage mainly consists of DJ Octavio sucking ink in a vacuum-based way to draw all your ink. This will be accompanied by his standard moves including fists and punches.

You should dodge them as you did in stage 1. Use the Smallfry companion to throw it in the air by pressing the button ‘R’ which will lead to the boss sucking this as well with the air.

It will cause a bit of damage to him when he is hit by your smallfry companion. This will lead the boss to fall out of the mech again.

Phase 3

The last phase of the fight against DJ Octavio will start with his purple ink attacks which can be dodged by simply jumping.

Along with dodging this attack, you need to shoot at the hands of the boss to deal plenty of damage. This will lead to him falling from the mech for the third time. Now is your chance to end the battle by shooting him for the last time.

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