Splatoon 3 Locker: How To Unlock, Customize, & Upgrade

In Splatoon 3, there is a new feature that allows players to customize their locker. You can add stickers or your photos in front as well as display your favorite weapons. Customizing your locker can be a complicated process. We have made a complete guide on How to find and customize your locker in Splatoon 3 to add more swagger to your game.

What are lockers?

Lockers are a newly added feature in Splatoon 3. They can be decorated and customized as per the player’s demand.  Some lockers even have storage to store your weapons, gear, and other belongings.

Where is the locker room in Splatoon 3

You can easily find the lockers by going to the Deca Towers located inside Inkopolis Square. Inside the Deca Towers, you need to enter the Battle Lobby by pressing the “X” button on the console.

At the entrance, select the Lobby from the options to enter the Battle Lobby. Inside the lobby, you will find the locker room located on the right. This room has automated doors and will only open if your game level is more than 4 with an additional visit to Harmony’s general store. She provides you with a catalog along with the entry to the Locker room.

How to unlock lockers

Like almost every other feature in the game, lockers are not available from the start. You have to unlock them by reaching level 4 by playing a few multiplayer matches.

How to customize your locker

Now that you have located the Lockers, let’s focus on the customizations. The locker room has your locker as well as your friends as well. Once you have located your locker, you can follow the steps below to customize your locker in Splatoon 3:

  • The customization menu will appear once you have approached your locker.
  • Inside the customization menu, you can select and grab any item of your choice by pressing the “A” button on the console.
  • The selected item can be rotated in any direction with the help of the “L, R, ZL, ZR, and R” buttons.
  • You can use the up and down button to zoom and once you are happy with the placement of the item, you can let it go by pressing “V” on the console.

You can unlock the option to display the weapon on the locker by raising the weapon’s freshness.

During the Salmon run mission, consuming the fish scales will unlock locker items. In the Shell Out Machine, you can spend Conch Shell to unlock more items.

How to put photos in locker Splatoon 3

Once you reach level 30, your locker will have an exclamation mark hovering above it. This is where you are supposed to open your locker to unlock a photo stand. Press “+” to display the photo stand and press “X” to open the menu.

Open the Parts section on the menu and see check the available photo stand at the bottom of your inventory. Now go ahead, pick the photo and place it in your locker.

How to unlock locker decorations

Once you have a locker, you may also want to customize it and spice it up according to your preferences. There are a few ways players can unlock Locker Decorations in Splatoon 3.

First, you can play Splatoon 3’s story mode and explore Alterna, where you’ll find multiple buried items that can be acquired once you shoot at them with the red light.

Most of these items will be various décor pieces, and you may also want to focus on Smallfry, who’s great at spotting these items.

However, spotting items does not mean that you will have them appear in your inventory; instead, you will have to make your way to the Lobby, interact with the computer, and select the ‘Claim Stuff’ option.

Once you do that, only then you will have the proper acquisition of these spotted décor items.

Another way is Hotlantis. Hotlantis is a virtual store in the game that sells all the customizations items for cash.

There are many customizations option to choose from such as stickers which you can add to the front. Also, locker color and type can be changed as well. All these customizations such as stickers and decorations, can be bought from the Hotlantis Store.

You can also put photos on the locker captured through photo mode. The customization can be bought from the cash earned by in-game missions and quests. You must buy the limited seasonal items for customization.

How to upgrade locker

Once you have your locker ready to use, you may notice that there are bigger lockers belonging to different players in the locker room. Bigger lockers give a lot of space and can easily store your precious items.

In order to get a bigger locker, players will have to increase their level to 15 for the first upgrade and level 30, for the second upgrade. Therefore, you need to focus on your gameplay for these upgrades and make sure you climb levels fast to get bigger storage soon.

Once you reach level 15 or 30, you’ll see a big exclamation point marker in the locker room, notifying you that there’s an upgrade on your locker.

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