How to Create Art Posts in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 has brought back Art Posts, a mechanic that was particularly well-liked by players in the earlier games in the franchise. These art postings may liven up your in-game appearance while participating in Splatfest.

They are quick and simple to complete. As a result, you’ll undoubtedly like to participate in the fun as soon as possible. Conveniently, you may take all the essential steps right from the start of the game.

If you are seeking to know all about creating Art Posts in Splatoon 3 and how it works, you have come to the right place. Let’s get started.

How to create art posts in Splatoon 3

In a matchmaking arena, Art Posts serve as message boards that are displayed over the player. To access the sketching mechanism for making Art Posts in Splatoon 3, one has to be a member of a Splatfest Team. Pick any of the 3 Splatfest teams:

  • Rock
  • Paper
  • Scissors

You must locate the red postbox in Splatoon 3’s main lobby after choosing a team and regaining control of your avatar in the home world. Fortunately, it’s rather simple to locate as you can just turn right after you arrive in Splatsville.

The red letterbox is located to Hotlantis‘ left, on the other side of Man-o’-Wardrobe,  and in front of the 3 gear shops. When you engage with the letterbox, 1 drawing will appear at once. If a Splatfest is active, you may decide whether to make a General post or one that is dedicated to it. A General Art Post could be made whenever you like.

The sketching menu will open once you choose Splatfest Post, where you may design your masterpiece. Sketching on a tablet or smartphone is preferred since you could utilize a finger or a pen on the touch interface.

However, you could also sketch while docked by simply employing the left joystick. It’s important to note that there cannot be more than one live Splatoon drawing at one time.

While other gamers approach your avatar, they would see your Artwork in their lobbies once it is saved.  You could see one of your posts on a wall or something similar because player posts could also be shown as graffiti all over the place.

Basic controls

Here are the basic controls for creating Art Posts in Splatoon 3 :

  • Press B to Erase
  • Press A to Draw
  • Press L and R to Draw/Erase Size
  • Press X to Zoom
  • Press ZL and ZR to Undo and Redo
  • Press L3 to Erase all
  • Press Y to Rotate the drawing space
  • Press Minus to Save and Quit
  • Press Plus to Post to a linked Facebook or Twitter

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