Splatoon 2 Weapons Upgrades Guide

In this Splatoon 2 Weapons Upgrade Guide, we will tell you how to upgrade your weapons in Nintendo Switch’s new exclusive Splatoon 2. As you progress through the game, you will use many types of weapons including some Hero Weapons.

Hero Weapons are upgradable versions of the normal versions found in the multiplayer mode of Splatoon 2. These can be upgraded to tweak their stats such as damage, range and other stats.

This guide will tell you how exactly you can upgrade your weapons and what materials you will need to upgrade all your weapons.

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Splatoon 2 Weapons Upgrades

Improving weapons in Splatoon 2 is an easy task. Before you actually start upgrading your weapons, there are a few things that you must do before you can unlock weapon upgrades.

  • Progress to the third lair, just before you engage in the first boss fight.
  • Complete the lair and defeat the boss, unlocking your first Hero weapon.
  • The Ammo Knights Enhancifier will unlock.
  • The Ammo Knights Enhancifier allows upgrades to Sheldon’s weapons.

After you have defeated the first boss and the third lair is complete, you will unlock the ability to upgrade your weapons. However, there are still some items that you will require before you actually start upgrading your weapons.


The first thing that you need in order to upgrade weapons is the Power Eggs. Power Eggs are small round orbs that are scattered throughout different lairs in Splatoon 2.

You can collect them in lairs or you can also find them in crates or balloons. Breaking crates and popping balloons will often give you Power Eggs. You also earn Power Eggs by completing various levels.

The second thing that you need for upgrading weapons is the Sardinium. It is a type of premium currency that must be found in the world of Splatoon 2.

Every lair usually has at least one Sardinium. For help with finding all Sardinium, be sure to check out our Sardinium Location Guide here!

Once you have collected all the required items and you are ready to upgrade your weapons, head over the Ammo Knights Enhancifier and activate it by pressing A on the controller.

Once inside, find the weapon that you want to upgrade and select it. Considering the fact that you have all the parts necessary for upgrading, your weapon will be upgraded.

Otherwise you will need to go out and gather the remaining items.

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