Splatoon 2 Octobot King II Boss Guide

This Splatoon 2 Octobot King II Boss Battle Guide will let you know all the tips and tricks you need to know to defeat the Octobot King II boss. This is the last boss of the game and also the biggest one so get ready for one heck of a fight!

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Splatoon 2 Octobot King II Boss

Unlike previous boss fights in Splatoon 2, the final boss requires you to complete four phases in order to defeat the boss.

To start the boss battle, approach Callie, the missing Squid-sister, in the center of the arena. Once you talk to her, the battle will kick off, and the first phase will begin.

Your main goal right now is to pay attention to the Octobot King’s massive fists. Wait for the markings to turn pink, and then open fire on the approaching fist to knock it back towards the boss, allowing you to damage him.

Be aware, though, not all of the Octobot King’s attacks can be averted so easily, and if you see the boss’ fists begin to spin, start moving and get out of the way before they can hit you.

The best thing to do here is toss a Curling Bomb, and then use the ink that it lays down to escape in squid-form.

During this phase, the boss will also attack with volleys of Splat Bombs, which leave enemy ink on the floor, blocking your way.

Avoid being caught in these volleys, and be careful, as the boss will shoot out four bombs per attack.

To finish off this phase, keep dodging and averting the Octobot King’s attacks until you have managed to hit the boss with his own punches quite a few times.

Once the massive robot has sustained enough damage, DJ Octavio falls out, and you will need to rush forward and hit him with your weapon repeatedly to end the first phase.

Now it is on to phase two. This phase focuses on more punches, so be ready to counter them with your own attacks. You will also have to look out for a salvo of tentacles, though.

The trick to surviving this attack is to shoot the tentacles while they are wound up tight in the shape of a ball.

Do not let these attacks go unchallenged, as they will leave enemy ink on the ground, making it harder for you to work and dodge the boss’ attacks.

Most of the attacks this time around are similar to phase one, so simply dodge, counter punches, and just keep putting in the work until the robot has sustained enough damage and DJ Octavio is knocked out once more. Then, rush forward, pull out your weapon, and go to town to end the second phase.

During the third round, the boss becomes much more aggressive. There are not any new attacks to worry about in this phase, but you will have to pay careful attention to the markings on the Octobot King’s fists.

Counter any punches with pink markings, and dodge and punches with black markings. Continue the dance until Callie manages to recover from the battle, and then the final phase of the battle will begin.

The final phase of this battle becomes much more complex when Sheldon delivers a new weapon for you to use to take down the Octobot King II.

At this point, the boss will ascend from the arena floor, and you will need to make use of a Launchpad on the ground that will send you up to a set of two Ride Rails. Here you will have to avoid punches while jumping from rail to rail.

Start charging the Rainmaker – the new weapon Sheldon gives you – as soon as you land on the Ride Rail for the first time.

While it is charging, a line will extend from the gun, showing you where it is going to attack. Keep charging it up until you can place the blast radius notified (a massive orb at the end of the trajectory line) directly on the Octobot King II’s incoming fists.

Remember to pay attention to the markings (pink can be countered, black should be avoided) and make sure you leap from rail to rail to avoid being splatted.

After you have managed to counter several punches, the boss will tumble back to the ground, ejecting DJ Octavio once more.

A new Ride Rail will appear, and you will want to hop on it and ride it all the way down to the ground, where you will deliver the final blow to DJ Octavio. After this, you will have beaten the final boss of the game as well as the game itself.

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