Splatoon 2 Neo Octostomp Boss Battle Guide

This Splatoon 2 Neo Octostomp Boss Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about defeating the 3rd boss in the singleplayer campaign of Nintendo’s Splatoon 2.

In order to unlock Neo Octostomp; you must clear the first two areas, collect six Zapfish in Area #3: Beaker’s Depot, and interact with the Boss Kettle.

While not terribly difficult, the Neo Octostomp does provide a challenge & can be frustrating at times. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about defeating the Neo Octostomp in Splatoon 2.

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Splatoon 2 Neo Octostomp Boss

Octostomp is quite the nuisance, putting up a fight for a total of three phases before being finally knocked out of the game. Your job is to dodge as well as you can while avoiding his incoming attacks.

Ready, Set and Dodge!
After the battle starts, dodge to either side in order to avoid the charge attack. You basically need to knock the Neo Octostomp over in order to shoot the tentacle on its back.


To do so, use a Curling Bomb after avoiding the charge to spread some ink on the ground.

The Second Phase
During the 2nd round, you need to focus on the buckle on the Octostomp’s face. While doing so, try to avoid its jumping face-plant attack that deals a massive amount of damage.

After you’re done with the buckle, you need to lure the face-plant attack, ink its side, & shoot the exposed tentacle one more time.

The Third Phase
During the 3rd round, focus on the buckle once more & wait for the boss to land the face-plant attack. Basically, stick to the strategy mentioned earlier & you should have no problems completing the boss battle.

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