Splatoon 2 Game Modes Guide

In Splatoon 2, there are many different types of game modes, both online and offline. Players can choose to play either matchmaking with random people or start their own private matches! In this guide, we will describe all the different game modes present in Splatoon 2

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Splatoon 2 Game Modes

Hero Mode

The Hero mode is the offline mode of the game which is available to players of all level. In this mode, players have to solve different puzzles and platforming events. Amiibo Challenges can also only be completed in Hero Mode.

Regular Battle

Regular Battle is a game mode which is available to players of all levels. Currently, this mode has the following match available.

Turf War
In this 3-minute-long game mode, your job is to spread more ink than the opposing team. It’s important to note that only horizontal surfaces count. You can also ink vertical surfaces but only as a mean to travel. The team with the most coverage at the end of 3 minutes wins the game mode.

Splatoon 2 Private Battle

In this mode, you can create a lobby with friends and play different types of matches with them. This mode has the following types of match types available to play.

  • Turf War
  • Splat Zones
  • Tower Control
  • Rainmaker

Splatoon 2 Ranked Battle and Modes

In Splatoon 2, the ranked mode unlocks when a player reaches level 10. The ranked mode provides competitive gameplay and wins and losses increase or decrease a player’s rank. The following 3 modes are currently available in ranked battles.

Splat Zones
In this 5-minute-long game mode, you need to control Splat Zones by covering them in your team’s ink. To control a Splat Zone, you need to ensure that your team’s ink covers a majority of a Splat Zone. After controlling all the Splat Zones on a stage, a 100-to-0 countdown starts. You must ensure that the countdown reaches 0 to secure a win.

If you control all the Splat Zones & the opposing team takes away the control, your team incurs a time penalty. If neither team manages to take the countdown all the way to 0, the team that gets the closest wins it all. You can also enter overtime but that’s a rare case.

In this 5-minute-long game mode, you’re required to carry the Rainmaker to the capture-point near the opposing team’s base. At the start of a match, the Rainmaker is placed at the center of the stage & is protected by a bubble. Both teams must reach it as quickly as possible & pop the protective bubble before grabbing it.

It’s important to note that anyone in the match can grab the Rainmaker despite of which team popped the protective bubble. Rainmaker is basically a weapon that can fire an explosive round after it’s fully charged. While it’s equipped by a player, the Rainmaker is visible to every player in the match unless the carrier is travelling in his/her team’s ink. To win the Rainmaker game mode, you need coordination, teamplay, & communication.

If neither team manages to carry the Rainmaker to the capture-point, the team that gets it as closest as possible wins it all.

Tower Control
This game mode starts with a tower at the center of the stage. You basically need to control the tower by inking its sides & reaching the top of it to move towards the capture-point near the opposing team’s base. The tower always takes a pre-determined route & usually stops at 2-3 checkpoints. Do note that the tower travels faster if it’s inhibited by more than one player.

Whenever the tower stops at a checkpoint, be prepared to defend it & avoid the opposing team from taking its control. Like Rainmaker, you should never let the tower deep into your base because if neither team manages to get it at the capture-point, the team that manages to get it to the closest point wins it all.

Squad Battle

In this mode, players can participate in Ranked battles but with their own squad rather than random players. You can create teams of 2, 3 or 4 and then compete in the ranked match modes.

Battle Dojo

The battle dojo is a local 2 player mode in which players can play using the Gamepad and a Wii U Pro Controller. In this mode, both players must attempt to pop balloons to reach 30 points. If the timer runs out before one player has reached 30 points, whoever has the most, wins.

League Battle

The League Battle Mode unlocks when you reach rank B- in any of the ranked battle modes. After that, you can team up with four or two people to take on the league, where you either join someone, or start a room. You still have the same modes (Rainmaker, Tower Control etc.)

Salmon Run

Salmon Run is the mode which debuted in this part of the game. In this mode, you play in a team of 4, online or local. Your objective is to take down Salmonids and claim their eggs for Power up.

There are 3 rounds each game and you lose if you all 4 die without being able to revive eachother or don’t get enough Power Eggs before time expires. The weapons are different each day and rotate between players after each round

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