Splatoon 2 Beginner’s Guide

In this Splatoon 2 Beginner’s Guide, we have listed all the trips & tricks that you need to know while playing Splatoon 2. Splatoon 2 is a fun shooter game where your inklings can also turn into squids & swim across the map.

We have covered many important topics such as basic controls, how to play the campaign, using super jumps, swimming around in Squid mode & others which will help you win in Splatoon 2.

Splatoon is an easy game & no matter how good you are, you will still helping out your team one way or the other. Practice well, read this Splatoon 2 Beginner’s Guide & you will be owning the completion in no time.

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Splatoon 2 Beginner’s Guide

Know your Controls

As soon as you start the game, you will notice that the game has a very unique control system. By default, the game uses motion controls.

You can turn these off at any time from the options menu. If you prefer using these motion controls, you will need to move the controller around which can be tedious after some time. You will move the controller around where you want to aim.


If you do not want to use the motion controller, you will use the right joystick to move the camera around allowing you to look around the map.

For firing your main weapon, press ZR button. It will shoot ink from your chosen gun, allowing you to cover the map in ink. Every weapons has its own drop off distance & there are not many long range weapons.

If you want to throw a bomb, press the R button & it will throw a bomb. If you want to see the trajectory at which the bomb will be thrown, keep on pressing the R button & it will show you the trajectory line allowing you to aim where you want the bomb to l&. Bombs are effective against large enemy groups but they drain your ink pretty quickly. Refill often if you love throwing bombs.

You can easily refill your ink reserves anytime by stepping in the ink of your team’s color & turning in the squid. Press the ZL button to turn into a squid. Squid mode allows you to refill your ink & also run away from dangerous situations by swimming around in ink.

Start with the Campaign

After the tutorial if you join the online competitive “Turf War” you might end up getting against skilled players which will be very demotivating for you if you keep on losing again & again so you should play the short single player campaign first to get more used to, the game mechanics.

At the game’s central square, you will see a mysterious figure holding an umbrella at the top-left corner. Move towards her & she will disappear down the drain. This is the way to “Octo Canyon”, Splatoon 2’s short campaign.

Octo Canyon is split into five large worlds with five or six levels each. It increases in difficulty gradually, making you handle the difficulty curve so that you can learn more & be better at the game. This will also prepare you for the online multiplayer.

You will also get to experience different weapons during this campaign which are all used in the online. At the start enemies will be weak & easy to kill, the main challenge will be the platforming sections & they will really test your patience.

From giant sponges that must be filled with ink to unfurling doormat platforms, there are a lot of difficult areas you must traverse before you can rescue the Zapfish at the end of each stage.

Take note of how long it takes to fill up one of the sponges & the slight delay when jumping in your Inkling’s squid form, as you’ll be using this experience when you eventually head into multiplayer.

Follow the Rules

First of all, let’s get this straight. Turf wars aren’t based upon the number of eliminations. In fact, your team’s success is totally irrelevant as the game is only concerned with the amount of ink the teams use to cover the map. The team with the most ink on the map wins.

There are two rules in a Turf War. Save your base and ink the map as much as you can to take the win. So, the number one priority should be protecting your own base. Keep in mind that if the opponent gets too close to comfort then they can trap your teammates making them vulnerable to make a comeback.

Make A Strategy

Make a game plan. As mentioned before, the team with the most ink on the map wins. So, for this you must have a strategy. Plant one of your allies at the back to protect the area near the spawn point. This way when the time is right, the player will charge to the center and come face to face with the opponent. If this strategy is made then the only thing remaining will be covering the area with ink.

Use Special Weapon Powers

Each Weapon comes with a certain special power. Just fill the meter and use it. But for that you must stay alive because if you die before even using the power, the meter will lose its fillings and you’ll have to redo the procedure.

Therefore, the best strategy is to fill up the meter and if the coast is clear, use the special power on an opponent in a battle but keep in mind that the best use of the special power is in a battle so, save it.

Battle in Duos

When in a battle, the best strategy is to get insured. To get insured you must have backup. Meaning it’s easier to die alone then in Duos. Stay in a duo as it will have more impact in it. The main method of killing an opponent is splashing them with ink and if you’re with your backup then the amount of ink splashed will increase and the opponent will die easily.

Another help you can get from being in a duo is when you’re in danger, you can take time off by taking cover behind something while your backup attacks the opponent. So, make sure to battle in duos

Understanding Kid & Squid Mode

In Splatoon 2, you can only attack when you are in kid mode. While in kid mode, you can run around with weapons, change & equip weapons, throw bombs & kill your enemies by firing at them.

In squid mode, you can traverse the map a lot quicker by swimming in ink & refill all your ink reserves for your weapons to use in the kid mode.

Although you will in in kid form most of the time, importance of squid mode cannot be ignored. You can only win at this game until you master using both modes.

Weapons run on ink that will refill when not in use, but this process will speed up when you stay in a puddle of ink while in squid form.

Even if you do not see the enemy team yet, spray down a small batch of ink & refill your tank whenever it is less than half full — though small, it is visible on the back of your Inkling, & the game’s HUD will give you an alert whenever you are running extremely low.

Another important tip for combat is that when fighting another player, take a few shots & deal some damage before turning into a squid & dashing around them.

While it is still possible to see a player swimming through ink on the ground, it will take a second or two for them to actually find you again, giving you plenty of time to line up the killing blow.

Using the Super Jump

In combat, you can jump to your friends if they are in need of your help. To make a Super jump, pull up the map & cycle between the available teammates, pick one & jump.

You can choose to teleport to any of their positions almost instantly. Jumping to the right spot can be the difference between winning & losing in particularly close matches.

You can help out weaker players defend themselves using this technique. However, while it is useful, it also has some demerits.

Super Jump can also backfire if you are not careful. There is nothing stopping you from jumping to a teammate’s position as they are being attacked, which can leave you vulnerable upon landing. A small indicator will appear wherever a player is about to l&, which can be seen by both friend & foe.

If an enemy indicator appears near you, just wait patiently with your weapon aimed in its direction. As soon as an enemy lands, blast him to keep him out of the fight for a few extra seconds.

Choose your Gear Wisely

The gear is Splatoon 2 is not just fancy items that you wear. Every piece of gear & other items have specific attributes that help you in online multiplayer.

You can purchase new headgear, shirts, & shoes for multiplayer & every item has a unique set of stats. These include extra ink, a shorter cooldown on special abilities, & additional bonuses can be unlocked by earning enough experience while wearing particular pieces of gear.

After you level up a few times, you can equip & swap out better gear items. However, if you do not want to wait too long, you can visit Crusty Sean’s food cart & use special meal tickets to purchase treats that give you timed bonuses.

One of these is a hot dog that increases the amount of experience you earn, & this will help you quickly get up to the required level. Gain a little more experience to hit level 10, & you’ll be able to take part in the game’s three ranked modes.

Salmon Run

Salmon Run is Splatoon 2’s horde mode-like cooperative mode. It is always available to play locally via a wireless connection however if you want to play it online, you will need to wait as it only becomes available for online at specific times & dates.

Always play it & earn special currency to buy bonus gear from Inkopolis Square. Some high-level equipment can only be earned through Salmon Run.

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