Spintires Gets Gameplay Trailer With Trucks And Mud

Publisher IMGN.PRO has a new gameplay trailer for Spintires, to raise some awareness for the simulation game, which is about to launch on Steam next month. Additionally, preorders are now available for the game as well, which cost $26.99, instead of the normal price of $29.99.

In the clip, we get to see what Spintires is all about and what it’s about is: trucks. Spintires offers a range of vehicles to take onto off-road tracks to simply drive.

You can overcome a range of different natural obstacles. For instance, the clip shows some trucks struggling to get through a rocky inclination or driving through muddy areas.

Additionally, the game allows for some auxiliary elements as well. In the gameplay footage, we see some vehicles processing deforestation or performing a road rescue on a car that’s become stuck in the mud.

In particular, Spintires tries to accurately represent vehicles modeled from the second half of the twentieth century in the Soviet area. Most are military designs, which are still able to serve today.

Here are the categories of vehicles involved in Spintires:

  • A class – light off-road scout vehicles
  • B class – light cargo vehicles
  • C class – off-road cargo vehicles, 6×6 drive
  • D class – heavy off-road cargo/rescue vehicles, 8×8 drive
  • E class – super heavy off-road rescue vehicles, 8×8 drive

Preoders go through the newly announces Games Republic store. No worries if you’re a Steam fan; the activation still requires a Steam key.

Spintires will release on June 13, 2014.

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