Spiderman PS4 Will Not Have Multiple Swing Controls, But Traversal System Has Been Completely Refined

There is a tsunami of excitement among fans for the upcoming superhero game, SpiderMan for PS4 and Insomniac games is not far behind in revealing the details of the game. Having said that, not all details about the game are going to be satisfying, like the one recently revealed by the Insomniac Game’s creative director; that SpiderMan PS4 won’t be having multiple swing controls.

Yes, you read that right, Spiderman will only be swinging in one direction at one instance in the upcoming Spiderman PS4. The creative director Bryan Intihar, revealed such information through his official Twitter account recently, saying that the game will not feature multiple swing controls.

Furthermore, Intihar also revealed that the studio has been working hard on the game’s traversal system, and it has been refined since the last time you saw the game demo at E3 2018.

Although not many details were revealed but among the changes, includes the improvement to the game’s dive mechanics and much more.

Having said that, those who are wondering why the studio went back and refined the game’s traversal mechanics, it was perhaps because of the criticism the game received from the fans after seeing the E3 demo.

A lot of the fans have been and still are, of the opinion that the game’s traversal mechanics did not need any improvement, still most are also open in seeing what kind of changes have been brought in.

That said, Intihar has assured that even though Spiderman PS4 will not have multiple swing controls, still they have made sure that the feel of the game will be amazing because of the new changes that have been brought in.

As you may very well be aware, that 4K at 60FPS is of no use if the transversing in the game does not feel good and for that, the Intihar has given assurance.

If you are a fan of Spiderman then you would definitely not wanna miss this upcoming game because you would be glad to know, that the creative director of the game Bill Rosemann is not creating this game for the sake of producing a game but he himself is a huge fan of the hero. Recently the Rosemann spoke freely emphasizing the importance of Spiderman.

With all that said, what are your thoughts about this upcoming Spiderman game? Let us know in the comments below.