Spiderman PS4 May Become Sony’s Biggest Game Ever

Spiderman PS4 is just a few days apart and as you can guess the hype is pretty much at its peak. In fact, the anticipation is pretty high to such a level that it seems like this PS4 exclusive may just become Sony’s biggest games of all time.

Now, why does it seem like it? Well, the reason for it is the fact that the pre-order performances of the game have been really remarkable and based on that Insomniac Games are very optimistic about this game. According to them, they are very happy to see that people are putting so much faith in this game.

James Stevenson, Insomniac’s Community Manager in an interview said:

It’s very flattering people would put their money and faith in us already.

The reason for this high anticipation of Spiderman PS4 is the fact that the devs have been working, very hard in making this game a masterpiece. They have utilized every aspect and possibility for this game, like utilizing Sunset Overdrive game to develop New York City. In fact, their development even had to face a bit of a learning curve.

Apart from all that, they have also been marketing this game quite amazingly, utilizing every ounce of detail as something that can be utilized to gain more anticipation from fans. Apart from that rolling out trailers which they had saved up for appropriate release time, is something that has helped them create this anticipation.

So for those who have any doubts, then let us add more to the assurance that a little while back, the creative director Bryan Intihar assured fans that for those who have played Batman Arkham Legacy, they can rest assured that this game will meet Arkham Legacy standards.

Now from what we have seen so far, it seems like Spiderman PS4 will certainly be something huge, that is for sure. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.