Spiderman PS4 Easter Egg Honors Captain Qwark From Ratchet And Clank

Frankly speaking seeing easter eggs before even the game releases, actually spoil the fun for most of the fans, however, for some, it acts as a fascinating factor which ultimately adds to the overall hype of the game. A new Spiderman PS4 Easter Egg has been discovered, which seemingly honors Captain Qwark from Ratchet And Clank.

Fans of Insomniac Games would instantly recognize Ratched And Clank and perhaps will find this, as quite an interesting factor to be featured, as an easter egg in the upcoming Spiderman.

A Reddit user who goes by the name, “AlphaFoxWarfare” posted an image from Spiderman PS4 in which, we can see Spiderman walking away from a theater, in the background has illuminated written “Qwarks ft. R.C.” = Captain Qwark”.

Which most of the fans have been able to figure out since we all know that Captain Qwark, is a popular character in the Ratchet And Clank game by Insomniac Games, which too was a PS4 exclusive. So seeing the reference it pretty much adds to the hype for some, while drops for others.

One thing is obvious that Insomniac Games is pretty intent on capturing, every ounce of hype they can before they roll out Spiderman PS4 exclusive. Another thing we can also conclude is that Insomniac Games does have a way of teasing stuff, to build on the hype.

Like just a few days back, exclusively showing the new Spiderman PS4 cinematic trailer in UK Cinemas, stirred a lot of hype more than just random attention.

However, when a studio is working hard on making something as massive as Spiderman PS4 then they do have the privilege of teasing its fans, as much as they like. As once the game is out that privilege is lost.

Having said that what are your thoughts about the Ratchet And Clank as an easter egg in this upcoming PS4 exclusive? Let us know in the comments below.