Spiderman PS4 Devs Discuss Tools and Engine Used To Develop Its Masterpiece

Spiderman PS4 is one of best games when it comes to visual quality. It’s the result of amazing tools and the engine used by Insomniac Games. Designer Josue Benavidez of Insomniac Games took it to twitter to discuss the tools they used to build this masterpiece. He also revealed some early design changes of the game.

Designer Josue Benavidez of Spiderman PS4 has shared some before and after images during the development phase to surprise us all.

Benavidez then explained to the fans about how they worked on the design of New York City. He said

We use a set of tools and an engine to build our own games, but it includes integration with other resources, such as Maya and Houdini, So it was a combination of our internal tools, Maya and Houdini.

Spiderman looks visually great and indeed the efforts of the team have paid off. Spiderman PS4 has managed to get over 3.3 Million sales in just three days. Spiderman PS4 consists of a lengthy story with some of your favorite villains from the world of Spidey.

Surprisingly, Sinister Six group had more screentime in the game but the developers removed it to avoid fluff. Vulture, Electro, Rhino, and others had their own separate boss fights before they were combined into one. This change was done to ensure quality and Insomniac Games have definitely achieved it.

Spiderman is also a very easy game for platinum hunters. It has one of the easiest trophies of all time. There are no difficulty related trophies so you can finish the game very easily without getting stuck.

First DLC of the game is arriving on Oct. 23. It brings “Alongside The Heist” which is a part of The City That Never Sleeps DLC. This update also brings three different Spidey suits to the game and some new game options.

You can buy each part of the DLC for $9.99 or the entire DLC for $24.99. Upcoming 1.07 Update also brings the Ultimate Difficulty to the game. NG+ will allow you to complete the game once again very soon when the update arrives.

Spiderman PS4 is now available to play exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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