Spiderman PS4 Will Meet Batman Arkham Legacy Standards

Spiderman PS4 is one of the most anticipated games that we saw at E3 2018. From what we have seen the game looks really amazing but then again this is Insomniac that we are talking about here and we expect nothing less. The devs talked about what they wanted to achieve with Spiderman PS4 and they talked about how they played Batman Arkham Legacy and that they wanted Spiderman PS4 to be on the same level.

Creative director Bryan Intihar talked about the matter and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

Let me get ahead of you: yes, we played the Batman Arkham games and many fans have asked how we’re going to compare with the quality standard they were able to set. Rocksteady redefined the quality of superhero games and we want to be at their same level.

Intihar also talked about how the game related to him and how he connected the dots for Peter Parker in regards to his college life. At the end of the day, superheroes are regular people that want to live a regular life and want to have ordinary relationships. That part of Spiderman PS4 is as important as the superhero part. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

I looked back and thought: ‘How was it when you graduated? What did you do?’ I’ve been a journalist, it was one of my first jobs. During college, I wrote about video games and I remember that the Editor in Chief was very important to me, as I was searching for a guide. So I thought: who could be that kind of character for Peter? Obviously, it had to be a known character since a mentor has to be relevant. Then I also reflected on how my life changed back then.

He further went on to mention the transition from being a teenager to an adult. This is also a very important phase in life and every one of us has to go through it. You can imagine how important this can be for Spiderman PS4 and the devs want to people be able to relate to Peter Parker as he goes through different parts of his life. The following is what Intihar had to say in this regard:

Friendships and relationships change a lot from high school to college since you often move elsewhere, start doing new things and grow up as an adult. For some, it becomes all about the career and friendships are sacrificed for that, as happened to me, but it’s an age where you feel like you can do everything even though you realize it’s actually not possible.

The devs also talked about the role of Mary Jane and how Sunset Overdrive helped them to create the open world. There was also a trailer of the game that was exclusively shown in cinemas in the UK. For more news and information regarding Spiderman PS4 stay tuned to SegmentNext.

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