Creative Director Of Spiderman Wants A Kingdom Hearts Crossover

GameInformer has given a lot of special coverage on things you should know about the upcoming Spiderman video game. The latest is that The Spiderman PS4 Art Director would like to see a Crossover with Kingdom Hearts, which is not insignificant.

This announcement is not trivial, as part of an interview for GameInformer, the creative director of Spiderman PS4 answered an amazing question about Kingdom Hearts. Bryan Intihar of Insomniac Games said he would like to see a crossover of his own kind because he is a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and Disney in general.

“It would be great, they have to start putting the worlds of Marvel in there (talking about Kingdom Hearts), they’ve added characters from Pixar, Star Wars, and why not Marvel? It would be great to have Sora dressed in Spiderman, it would be great”

A crossover of the genre would be really weird but funny to see. Spiderman is a very friendly character with a lot of humor he would fit perfectly into the world of multiple universes. Lately, the announcement of the arrival of the world of Pixar with monster and Co. had a lot more to the fans. Pixar licenses are very popular and being able to play them is just a kid’s dream.

In addition, the latest Spider-Man world is promised to be much larger than the previous games such as Sunset Overdrive. With the recent trailer, our spidey is seen traveling around across the city swinging from building to buildings with cool camera angles showing the fast paced movements of the new in-game action. Spider-Man will run at 30 FPS on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro because for some reasons it could not take 60 frames because of the open world.

Spiderman PS4 is coming out on September 7th, do not miss it this seems to be one of the best games of this year.

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