Spider-Man PS4 Suit Is A Classic Design With A Twist

What makes a superhero a memorable one? Apart from his superpowers, one of the things that make one unforgettable is his suit. Spider-Man has one of the most unique designs which will also be present in his new adventure in the upcoming Spider-Man PS4. His suit in the game will feature the same blue-red colors but this time it will have a purpose and very close designing.

During GameInformers reveal series on Spider-Man PS4, Art Director Jacinda Chew had the chance to talk about his suit and what makes it unique. According to her, the designers kept the original blue-red colored bodysuit that we loved the superhero in but each detail of it will be meaningful.

Chew revealed that Spider-Man’s suit now has a more sporty design to it, fitting his age and activity. All blue areas of his suit, are made from an elastic fabric which provides flexibility and quick movements whereas the red parts are more solid and are placed wherever Spider-Man needs more protection. What you’ll also notice is that there are places where white carbon fiber details can be found – on his hands and feet – which are placed for extra protection and blocking.

What was difficult about his design though is that it includes no armor at all and as she puts it, he’s almost like a naked man. That means that his everybody muscle will have to be perfectly portrayed as he jumps and performs his acrobatic moves since there’s no armor coverage to hide any muscle design flaw. For this to be done, designers had to craft their own models since motion capturing could not be used for all of Spider-Mans movements. However, Chew insisted that players pay close attention to those movements and how confident his model swings around to find out what work has been put on him.

Spider-Man PS4 releases on September 7th exclusively on PlayStation 4. Here’s everything you need to know about the game for now.

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