Spider-Man PS4 Unveils The New Turf War DLC Suits For The Next Update

Spider-Man PS4’s Insomniac iteration continues to run in people’s PlayStations around the world. Even more so since the addition of their NG plus system which added a new layer of replayability, followed by the Heist DLC. Which added new content.

After a recent patch that added some bug fixes and the banner for the next DLC, Turf Wars is set to release this weekend. The content will include a new story arc that follows the classic Spidey villain Hammerhead. The hot topic of the new DLC however, is the three new suits the Webhead will be adding to his closet.

Now while I’m not exactly familiar with the cute little Spider-Clan suit. I do love its design, falls in the category of the vintage suit, with the aesthetic being different from the Spider-man PS4 game itself. The scrawny body also sort of reminds me of the Ultimate comics, which is a big plus of course.

I do recognize the other two bad boys though. The Iron Spider being the most prominent. For those confused as to why there even is a second Iron Spider in the game, the one from the launch was based off the MCU’s Spider-Man.

Being the suit that Holland’s Spidey dawned in the Infinity War movie. This Iron Spider, on the other hand, is based on the comics, specifically the Civil War story arc.

iron spider man

The mark 1 Spider-armor had a very brief appearance. Peter dawning it against the New York enforcers when they attacked the city with high caliber arms. The suit made him less agile but compensated with making him bulletproof.

Something one of the suits in the PS4 game has already granted, hence why I’m curious to see what they do for this one. The suit became quite the fan favorite, appearing in several games, shows and other forms of media. It also looks really pretty in-game, as depicted by this screenshot here:

turf wars 2

And well, the Spider Clan was a clan of….ninja Spider-men, yes. Ninja Webheads that rivaled the Shadow Clan of their universe. The death of that universe’s Uncle Ben leaving Peter as the last successor to the clan. Who then in turn recruited Mary Jane as his apprentice. Not the weirdest thing Marvel has done, but definitely up there.

The Turf Wars DLC hits Spider-Man PS4 this weekend. Offering new enemies, crimes, challenges, story missions, and achievements. Rev up those PlayStations and reload your web shooters, guys. HammerHead’s about to paint the town red. And I don’t think he’s doing it with paint.

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