Is This The New Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro?

There’s been a leak circulating around the social media sites including Reddit and Twitter that Spider-Man game developed by Insomniac games is getting a PS4 Pro bundle like the one we saw with the release of God Of War.

The image shows off a customizable design for the PS4 with a special Spidey themed console, which is painted red with white Spiderman logo on the front of the console. The controller is also colored blue and red similar to Spidey’s costume. This image was posted by a user on Reddit.

To be honest, the picture looks edited and fake so you can take it all with a grain of salt. People are calling it fake because the logo on the front appears to be old or could be an old promotional image. The colon in the title also suggests that it is not real as it’s never been used before.

The interesting fact is that this happened in the same way with God Of War when it’s PS4 Pro limited edition got leaked but it was the real deal. So we can at least assume that Spider-Man will be getting a PS4 Pro limited edition bundle upon release.

As for the game, the hype is real and it’s without a doubt one of the best games to be released on PS4.

Insomniac has confirmed that the open world in Spiderman is bigger than any of their previous games like Sunset overdrive and also gives you more control of surroundings. The game will also give you the ability to change the weather and time to keep you involved in the game.

The director has confirmed that it will never come to Xbox, in case you are still wondering.

Spiderman is not an origin of Peter Parker and story is mature than previous games, Peter is a fun character with ESFP personality.

Spiderman will be releasing on September 7 exclusively for PS4.

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