Spider-Man PS4 Game Isn’t a Movie Tie-In; No Demo, No PS Vita Port by Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games has answered a number of questions about Spider-Man PS4 Game demo, PS Vita port, story setting, movie tie-in and so on.

Marvel is truly giving complete freedom to Insomniac Games when it comes to the development of the Spider-Man PS4 game. The fact that the developers are not tied in with the upcoming movie Home Coming, is yet another proof of that.

Fans have been wondering about the setting of the game, and so they took the questions to the official Twitter profile of Insomniac Games asking was it following Home Coming or did it have a story of its own.

The developers’ answer was that it had a standalone universe where they had a more “experienced” Peter Parker.


There were some other questions too that the community has asked about the new adventures of our good old Spidey. For instance the PlayStation Vita users were hoping against hope to get a port on their handhelds, but sadly that is not going to happen.

Insomniac Games says that this is just the Spider-Man PS4 game and it won’t be on PS Vita because they “have never made a Vita game and have no plans to do so unfortunately.”

Another pressing matter people have had their hopes hooked to was the chances of a public beta testing phase for the game, but the developers are not on the same page as us in that regard also.

Their answer was a simple no when people asked for a demo one of these days or even in the next months.

That being said, it has also been revealed recently that the story of Spider-Man PS4 game is also not going to be an origin story.

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