Spider-Man: Miles Morales We’re Here for You Walkthrough

We’re Here for You, is the main act 4 in Spider-Man Miles Morales. We have prepared this Spider-Man: Miles Morales We’re Here for You guide to walk you through the mission and get you through all the main objectives, any side quests and anything else that might be of importance. So, let’s get into it.

Spider-Man Miles: Morales We’re Here for You

So, the mission will be in the Harlem area, with Miles having a new shiny suit and new mods as well.

Right when he is ready to go home, he will encounter a new case. There is a break-in scenario around Roxxon Plaza, so you need to go there.

Roxxon Plaza
Get to the Roxxon Plaza and examine the whole area. You might not find anything in the old Roxxon plaza site, so go to the east side at the new Roxxon plaza site.

Simon Krieger will greet you as he briefs you about the Nuform reactor, that huge orb in the center of the area.

After Simon is done, examine the area to find a broken window in the building, so go inside.

Here you will be attacked by the Brawler. He is a melee specialist with that special tech that allows him to make weapons out of air.

The Brawler
You have to fight and get rid of the Brawler and all his small clones. Make sure to use Venom Punch as it will have to best effect on the enemies here and will break their tech.

As you get rid of enemies on the ground, more and more will appear on the roofs.

As you follow them on rooftops, you will go through the broken window into the building.

They will be accessing the Nuform reactor files and more and more enemies will appear to hold you off from stopping them from accessing the files.

The Office
After you are done with every single of them, just go to the office room where you were fighting the enemies and examine the office.

You will see the big red screen where the Nuform Rail Transfer plan is shown. You will come to know that the enemies were after this plan.

In the meantime, wen Roxxon will appear and will order to lock down the whole place. Your mission here will be completed.