Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Headed To PS Now According To Leak

PS Now seems to be getting a huge title added to its library, according to a new leak. Supposedly, PS Now will include Marvel’s Spider-Man in the near future along with a couple of more titles.

A newly leaked advertisement for PS Now seems to showcase Marvel’s Spider-Man as a brand new title to the service. In addition, Just Cause 4 and The Golf Club 2019 are to get the same treatment. The “when” this will happen is still uncertain. However, if the leak is true, Sony’s subscription service is getting a big upgrade.

Undeniably, PS Now is an intriguing feature for Playstation players, although Sony hasn’t taken as much advantage of it as they should. Microsoft handles Xbox Game Pass better in terms of marketing and library. Is it time for Sony to do the same and depend more on its fan-service that pure game sales?

The company has made significant changes to its pricing plan in order to make PS Now accessible to more players. With a $10 price tag, more players will use the service. What’s more important though is making it available worldwide. For a long time, PS Now has been available on a small portion of the globe, making its marketing efforts wasteful.

With Playstation 5 being just around the corner, Sony has to step up their game. Especially when it comes to streaming services and subscription models. PS Now is perfect on that front. Now, if more games like Marvel’s Spider-Man are to join the PS Now ranks much like God of War did in the past, we’re in for a big surprise.

We hope Sony will make it its goal to include all past released Sony exclusives to PS Now other than Marvel’s Spider-Man and make it intriguing for more players that don’t want to spend the extra price for a stand-alone title. This will certainly be a new era for them and the console gaming in general.

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