Marvel’s Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Locations Guide

With the help of our Marvel’s Spider-Man Black Cat Stakeout Locations Guide, you will be able to find all the Black Cats in the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered features Black Cat as part of a side activity where you must track down the feline character’s hideout. For that though, Spider-Man must find a dozen miniature black cats left behind across the city.

The following guide will point out the locations of all Black Cat Stakeouts in Spider-Man Remastered.

How To Unlock Black Cat Stakeouts

The Black Cat Stakeout is part of a quest called “Stakeouts” which is given to Peter Parker by an Unknown Caller after completing the “Home Sweet Home” mission.

In this quest, the Black Cat herself informs you of a gift she has left for you, which is a small black cat figurine you have to find.

How To Complete Black Cat Stakeouts

There are a total of 12 Black Cats in Spider-Man Remastered. The first one should be pretty easy to stake out as you’ll be led to the figurine by the game as part of the Stakeout mission.

You will be led to a tall building where you’ll have to take out your camera and find the small gift she’s left for you. You can use the Camera by pressing TRIANGLE and pressing R2 and L2 to zoom in and out respectively.

The small black cat figurine will be near the graffiti on the wall, which is often of herself but can seldom be random. Moreover, your controller will also vibrate once the lens of the camera approaches the black cat. Additionally, you can also sometimes see a glint in the distance from the Black Cat’s eyes.

Once you’ve got the Black Cat in your scope, press R1 to take a picture and complete the stakeout. This is the general way of completing the rest of the 11 Black Cat stakeouts as well.

After you have collected all of the Black Cat figurines, you will find Black Cat’s hideout. The location will pop up on your map. Head to the location and find the graffiti of a huge dog next to a small cat. Move near to it and you’ll be prompted to open the door. Open the door and head inside.

Next, you need to use the scope at the top again to find the mini black cats in the area. Then head into the room highlighted and interact with her suit to finish the quest, which should be on the table.

Black Cat Stakeouts Rewards

Upon completing all of the Black Cat Stakeouts you will be rewarded with an awesome new Dark Suit.

Additionally, they will also account a bit towards the total 100% completion of the game, allowing you to get one step closer to unlocking the Undies Suit.

Black Cat Stakeout Locations


Location #1: Behind a slightly opened doorway on the roof of a building with Black Cat graffiti on it.

Upper West Side

Location #1: To the left of the Black Cat graffiti on the roof of the building facing the stakeout spot.

Upper East Side

Location #1: To the left of the Black Cat Graffiti on the roof of the small glass building.

Hell’s Kitchen

Location #1: Inside the vent of the building which has the graffiti of the winged pig on it.

Location #2: In the Display Window of the Valeria Store down the street.


Location #1: In the middle of the black doorway in the rooftop garden below.

Location # 2: Near the graffiti of the Black Cat, in the small rooftop doorway.


Location #1: To the west of the camera, in the doorway of a bar up on the roof.


Location#1: Beneath the glass rooftop shed near some random graffiti.

Financial District

Location #1: Beneath the trapdoor on the narrow rooftop of a small building, next to a Black Cat graffiti on the vent.

Location #2: Behind the beams on a building rooftop, which is behind a large billboard with the graffiti of the Black Cat.

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