That Recent Spider-Man 2 Leak Was A Fake

What appeared to be a massive Spider-Man 2 leak at the start of the weekend has turned out to be nothing but a quarantined-induced hoax.

After being called out, the leaker in question confessed earlier today that everything was made up. “I just wanted to garner a reaction on things I believe would make the sequel [Spider-Man 2] even better than the first, but it got out of hand faster than expected,” reads the confession on Reddit. “So, to minimize damage and false hopes, I’m here to dispel my previous post.”

The supposed Spider-Man 2 leak made several lengthy claims such as dynamic missions where players must catch construction workers hanging on the edge of buildings, rush people to hospitals, and save people from burning buildings. The main storyline was said to revolve around Venom and where players can swap between symbiote suits. Mysterio, Daredevil, and the Human Torch were mentioned to have special appearances. Combat was said to be much more aggressive while accompanying dedicated skill trees. Among several other details, the leak also claimed that Spider-Man 2 would receive three expansion packs based on Morbius, Carnage, and Wraith.

This particular leak may have been a fake but there are also many other leaks out there for Spider-Man 2 that remain unverified. Another such supposed insider made similar claims last month that Spider-Man 2 will be revealed in the summers and will see Harry Osborn become Venom. Carnage and Mysterio were also mentioned, as well as Eddie Brock being a major character.

The only reliable piece of information in such a large pile of rumors and leaks has to be from last December where in a Kinda Funny Gamecast, co-host Imran Khan claimed that he “knows too much” about Spider-Man 2 to be making mere speculations. According to him, the web-crawler will be returning to PlayStation 5 in another installment around the holiday season of 2021. While no evidence was presented, Khan has served as a former senior editor at Game Informer. Hence, his words carry worth.

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