Spec Ops: The Line Multiplayer Class and Loadouts Guide

The exciting and story-driven warfare campaign of Spec Ops: The Line isn’t the only reason to play the game; its multiplayer is perhaps equally busy and exciting, pitting two teams in a tactical onslaught.

In this guide we’ll go over the basics of multiplayer, overviewing the Factions and their bonuses, classes, preferable load-outs and more.


There are two factions in the game which you must choose from. These are:

  • The Exiles
  • The Damned

Both of the factions have their own unique bonuses.

All players start their multiplayer career with the Medic and Gunner class available, and two load-out slots unlocked by default. So, in the start you get a choice between the Medic and Gunner, and have a chance to experience the load-out.

However, a common mistake players often make in the start is making load-outs that would work better with one certain faction as compared to the other. This is not a good idea, as you are not guaranteed to be in the same faction every time. Therefore, make sure your load-outs have enough versatility to work well with both factions.

Now that that’s been cleared, let’s have a look at the factions individually:

The Exiles:
The following are the bonuses that you will get as a member of The Exiles faction:

  • 15% XP bonus for melee kills
  • 10% damage bonus for pistols
  • 70% damage reduction while on zip-lines and fast ropes

The bonuses obviously tell a good bit of the story of The Exiles. Basically, this faction has the advantage of movement – the damage done is greatly reduced while zip-lining or using fast ropes. This can actually become very handy when you have to retreat or flee from a near-to-certain death situation.

The 10% bonus damage from pistols is also a pretty useful feature. Though it might not seem much, it can really stack well with powerful pistol weapons, such as the Desert Eagle or the .44 caliber Magnum.

And of course, who wouldn’t mind additional experience bonuses when you’re knifing your enemies down? The 15% bonus may not work for every class, but it certainly works for the stealthier players, and perhaps also the more tanky classes, which we’ll later discuss.

The Damned:
The following are the bonuses that you will get as a member of The Damned faction:

  • 5% increase in weapon range effectiveness
  • 10% XP bonus for sandstorm kills.
  • 70% damage reduction to falling damage

See that 70% reduction to falling damage bonus? This almost means you can fall all over the place without caring too much of dying! Well, no, it doesn’t mean that, but it definitely encourages a risk-filled gameplay, which is much more rewarding (both in-terms of fun and kills) in my opinion.

Combine that with the 10% XP bonus for sandstorm kills, and you can be walking source of death when the sands fly with the wind.

Additionally, the 5% weapon range effectiveness is quite good. 5% seems like ignorable stuff, but it actually gives your snipers just enough edge to have things tilt slightly your way – provided you have good snipers, of course.

So, if you want to summarize everything, then you’d do it in the following way:

  • The Exiles are best at close-quarter combat, using pistols as their secondary weapon for that extra punch.
  • The Damned are adept at long-ranged combat and weaponry, and are best when taking risks and using sniper rifles as their secondary weapons.


As stated earlier, the Medic and Gunner classes are available at the start. The rest of the classes are unlocked as you progress onwards. Whenever a class is unlocked, a load-out is also unlocked as well. You can customize the load-out whichever way you like, including changing the class.

Each class also comes with two sets of class bonuses, namely Level 1 Bonus and Level 2 Bonus. The Level 1 Bonus are there by default, but the Level 2 Bonus can only be earned once the class is reenlisted.

The classes in Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer are:

  1. Gunner
  2. Medic
  3. Scavenger
  4. Breacher
  5. Sniper
  6. Officer


Level 1 Bonus:

  • 20% damage increase for all allies within 15 minutes
  • Takes 20% less damage
  • Replace sidearm with a heavy weapon

Level 2 Bonus:

  • 40% damage increase for all allies within 30 minutes
  • Takes 40% less damage
  • Replace sidearm and primary heavy weapons


  • The Gunner is the standard soldier of the game, being an expert in medium-to-close range combat, and being unique for having the innate ability to equip two heavy weapons at once.
  • The fact that Gunners take 20% less damage makes them very durable and ideal for almost all types of gameplay modes.
  • The time-based buff of 20% damage also has its benefits in team-games, giving a slight edge to whichever team they are in.
  • The Gunners are more suited to The Damned faction as compared to The Exiles, because they make better us of The Damned’s bonus.

Load-out Recommendations:

Two most powerful heavy weapons available

Perks to Consider:
Hunter, Commando, Blood Thirst, Weight Training

Armor Type:


Level 1 Bonus:

  • 20% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 15m
  • Heal DBNO teammates 45% faster and give 5s invincibility
  • Give teammates a 5s adrenaline boost where only headshots and explosives affect them

Level 2 Bonus:

  • 40% increase in self and teammate health regen rate within 30m
  • Heal DBNO teammates 90% faster and give 10s invincibility
  • Adrenaline boost now lasts 10s
  • Revive dead allies as long as they haven’t respawned


  • The Medic class is a support class, therefore best suited to players looking for generous selfless teamwork and victory through collaboration.
  • The Medic class has the specialty of rapidly increasing health regeneration of other team mates. They can also protect players for 5 seconds (10 for Level 2 Bonus) against incoming damage through the adrenaline boost.
  • The Medics can revive downed allies before they have respawned, which grants the ally invincibility for 5 seconds in the battlefield.
  • Medics are best suited for The Exiles class to take advantage of the pistol damage bonus.

Load-out Recommendations:

Assault Rifle, Pistol

Perks to Consider:
Cover Rat, Hunter, Resilient, Covert.

Armor Type:


Level 1 Bonus:

  • 10% increased explosive radius for self and teammates within 10m
  • Takes 40% less damage from explosives
  • Repair Vital Points 75% faster

Level 2 Bonus:

  • 15% increased explosive radius for self and teammates within 20m
  • Takes 80% less damage from explosives
  • Gain extra ammo and grenades from ammo drops and carry double ammo


  • The Scavenger is an anti-explosives specialist class which is exclusive to The Damned faction.
  • The class is specifically designed to counter the otherwise heavy-hitting Breacher class of The Exiles faction.
  • The Scavenger is a semi-support class, as they provide massive explosives damage buff to team-mates and can repair damaged Vital Points significantly faster than any other class.
  • Reenlisted Scavengers can play a dual role of being semi-supports as well as fantastic fron-line assaulters.

Load-out Recommendations:

Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Perks to Consider:
Always Prepared, Commando, IED Expertise, Scrambler



Level 1 Bonus:

  • 10% increased explosive radius for self and teammates within 20m
  • Carry double the amount of grenades or C4

Level 2 Bonus:

  • 15% increased explosive radius for self and teammates within 20m
  • Carry triple amount of grenades and C4
  • Damage Vital Points and HVTs more effectively with explosives


  • The Breacher class is an exclusive Exiles class suited for extreme collateral damage through explosives and demolitions.
  • The Breacher class has the capability to dominate nearly every other class, except for the Scavenger.
  • The class is very versatile, suited to all gameplay modes and works well independently.
  • The bonuses associated with this class ensure increased damage from grenades, C4 and other explosives, and the reenlisted ensures twice as much effectiveness thanks to the easy damage to Vital Points and HVTs from explosives.

Load-out Recommendations:

Assault Rifle/Shotgun, Heavy Weapon (RPG-7, M32 MGL)

Perks to Consider:
Always Prepared, Blood Thirst, Command, Hunter



Level 1 Bonus:

  • 20% accuracy increase for self and teammates within 15m
  • Mark an enemy by aiming at them using a scoped weapon
  • Become invisible by remaining still for 4s. Moving or firing breaks the illusion

Level 2 Bonus:

  • 30% accuracy increase for self and teammates within 30m
  • Remain undetectable on minimap when shooting with sniper rifles
  • Hack and repair Com Stations 30% faster
  • Faster invisibility with ability to aim and rotate


  • The Sniper class is an all-essential class that relies on ranged combat, stealth and witty maneuverability.
  • Snipers benefit from greatly increased long-ranged accuracy, which also spreads to teammates as well.
  • Snipers are expert at reconnaissance, as they are able to mark enemies, which are revealed to the entire team.
  • A team without a sniper amongst them is almost certainly doomed to lose.
  •  Snipers are generally weak and easily expendable in close range. Therefore, it is generally a good idea to have a Gunner or Medic stationed next to a sniper.

Load-out Recommendations:

Sniper Rifle, Pistol

Perks to Consider:
Cover Rat, Steady Handed, Covert, Hunter



Level 1 Bonus

  • 20% incoming damage reduction for self and teammates within 10m.
  • Increases effectiveness of other class abilities by 50%.
  • Place an objective that lasts 60s. Anyone on your faction within 10m of the objective gains 10% damage increase as well as 10% damage reduction.

Level 2 Bonus

  • 40% incoming damage reduction for self and teammates within 15m.
  • Increases effectiveness of other class abilities by 75%.
  • Supply drop cool down timer reduced to 30s.
  • Any visible enemies within 10m of Officer appear on minimap for all teammates.


  • The Officer class is a very unique kind of offensive/support hybrid, which has the distinction of being the only class that can call in supply drops.
  • The Officer’s effectiveness is tangible before the class is even involved in a fight; the damage from enemies is reduced by a decent amount.
  • The strength and effectiveness of the bonuses of the other classes is greatly increased for the Officer, making the class extremely versatile and resilient in the battlefield.
  • Officers are best when involved in team-work; a solo playing Officer may enjoy the added bonuses associated with the class, but will never be considered as a proper player of the class.
  • Officers are ideally placed in between medics and snipers in positioning – they are not to be in the frontline.

Load-out Recommendations:

Heavy Machine Gun, Assault Rifle

Perks to Consider:
Always Prepared, Adapted, Tactician, Resilient


Don’t forget to share your tips and loadouts with us in the comments below!

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