Spanish Retailer Starts Taking PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders At €500

A well-known and highly rated Spanish retailer has opened up PlayStation 5 pre-orders at €500 for the standard edition.

PlayStation 5 remains without an official release date and an official price tag. That being said, retailers worldwide have started making sudden movements, suggesting that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been busy behind the scenes and pre-orders could potentially be opening up fairly soon.

Earlier today, a well-known and highly rated Spanish retailer on eBay was spotted (via EveryEye) to have started taking pre-orders for both the standard and digital editions of PlayStation 5. The retailer has already sold nearly 200 units combined at the time of writing and while the listings lack an official acknowledgement, the standard and digital editions of PlayStation 5 have been priced at €500 and €450 respectively, which is what analysts believe will be the final price point as well.

Microsoft has already confirmed that Xbox Series X will launch worldwide in November. Sony has though refrained from giving away the release window. However, accounting for the upcoming holiday launch, PlayStation 5 should also hit worldwide markets somewhere in November as well.

There is ongoing wide belief that Sony will officially open up pre-orders for its next-generation console next month in September, meaning that a release date and a price tag are just around the corner. When the announcements do start rolling in, PlayStation 5 will reach a milestone of becoming the most delayed PlayStation console in history when it comes to being priced. None of the other PlayStation consoles were priced so closely, three months before launch.

Another reason why the aforementioned announcements are expected to arrive soon is because Sony has already started promoting PlayStation 5 with television spots and adverts. The first one was leaked beforehand just a few days ago and welcomed everyone “to a new world of immersion.” Sony should confirm its next digital event in the days to come, at least that should be the case unless unforeseen delays push the entire launch schedule forward.

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