South Park: The Fractured but Whole Summons Guide

There are four Summons, which you can call to aid you in South Park. They can be used to end a fight very quickly or help you if you are in a sticky wicket. This South Park: The Fractured but Whole Summons Guide will tell you how to unlock all four of the Summons and what their main ability is so you do not have to waste your time figuring out how to unlock them and what they do.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Summons

Each of the four Summons in the game has a different purpose and you have limited uses of all of them throughout the game. Remember to only use them when the situation really demands it otherwise you will find yourselves out of them when you need them most.

How to unlock Summons


To unlock Moses, you need to find macaroni, which is spread out, around the town. With each macaroni that you find, you will be able to craft an instance of Moses. The main advantage of Moses is his powerful Area of Effect Healing move.

Jimbo and Ned

These two can be quite helpful in the right situation. To summon them, all you need to do is to complete Jimbo’s quest, which is available on the first night.

To complete it, get to Peppermint Hippo and get his wallet from one of the desks. Their main power is to use a powerful Area of Effect gun attack that can devastate an enemy.

Cheesing Gerald

To be able to unlock this guy, you need to find him in SoDoSoPa in the upstairs and bring him a cheesing vial. To get to him, you will need to use your Farkour power.

The vials that he requires can be found all over the town and each vial you find will allow you to summon him once. His main power is to perform a powerful Area of Effect attack on everyone.


Classi unlocks automatically once you rescue her for the second time in one of the main story missions. If you Summon her, she will come in her car to perform a hit and run attack on your enemy.

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