South Park: The Fractured but Whole Side Quests Guide

In this South Park: The Fractured but Whole Side Quests Guide, we will guide you on how to complete all side quests in South Park The Fractured but Whole Side Quests Guide.

In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, you will be able to complete multiple sidequests. We have curated this South Park: The Fractured but Whole Side Quests Guide with Tips and Tricks on how to complete all side quests in the game.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Side Quests

A Randy Mystery

This would be your quest in the start of the game and you will have to go to Stan’s house and meet Randy and a cutscene plays where they find out the person keying the car is not a kid but a jilter lover. You will be tasked with finding the person responsible. During the Bowels of the Beast when you are near Stan’s House you will see that Randy himself is keying his car while he is drunk. In order to complete the mission, beat him up and you will get Vessel of Bacchus artifact.

Scavenger Hunt: The Yaoi Project

In this quest your task is to find the right buyer for the Yaoi which can be very expensive if the buyer is right. You will meet with Mr. Tucker first, after you have collected any yaoi art from the town. You will get to know about the meeting from Coonstagram. You will be asked to look for all the Yaoi art in South Park by him for which you will get a lot of money.  There are a total of 40 art pieces in the town and you will get another one from Mr. Tucker making the total 41

Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats

You can start this quest after the third quest. Go to the playground and find the red house in the central house. You will need to speak with Big Gay AI inside the house and he will ask you to find six cats for him. For locations of all cats, you can check our Cats Locations Guide here.

Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job

This quest can be completed after day four. Go to the Police Station and talk to the guy inside to begin this quest. After that, simply find eight picture locations and place the headshots there. To find the locations of all headshots, check our Headshots Locations Guide here.

For Nippopolis

Talk with Kyle’s Dad to start this side quest. You will find him in the homeless are located in the southeast part of the town. You will have to climb the building using Fartkour. Before you climb the building, make sure you have the Cheesing Vial.

To find one you will need to head to the camp located near the Stark’s Pond. Head into the woods there and you will find a small camp there. You can find a cheesing vial here. Give it to Gerald and your quest will be completed.

Peppermint Hippo Lost and Found

Start this side quest after the second day by heading to Jimbo’s Gun Shop. Talk with Jumbo and he will ask you to find his wallet lost in the strip club. Head to the strip club and find the wallet on the table near the VIP area. Return it to Jimbo to complete the side quest.

Touch the Sky

Complete day four and you will automatically receive this side quest. Father Maxi will call you and ask you help someone at Stark’s Pond. Head there and find the person that needs help.

When the cutscene ends, play the game until the end and you will end up meeting Jesus. Choose a religion and your side-quest will be over.

Raisins on a Rampage

You will get a text on your Coonstagram for this side quest when you complete the main mission at Raisins. You will be tasked with completing the Raisins titles. Kill the group of Raisin girls spawning near the Medical Friend Chicken.

Once the group is down, head in and then back again from Raisins. Repeat the process until you receive all the titles and your quest will be complete.

Ghost Reconciler

To start this quest, go outside Tweek Bros Coffee House and speak with Super Craig. He will task you with getting his laptop back. Next, go in and talk with Tweek who will tell you to return to Craig. Before you go to Craig’s house, pick up the hamster using TimeFart Pause ability.

Perky Predicament

For this side-quest, you need to be Might 500 level for best performance as the mission pits you against some really strong enemies. Mosquito will send you a text during day two during random exploring. Once all enemies are down, your mission is complete.

Vigilante Marketing

This is a simple quest. Talk with Cartman’s mom in his kitchen. She needs you to deliver some business cards in Skeeter’s bar. Simply head there and deliver the cards to the men present there. You will get this side-quest after unlocking your third class option.

You Can Call On Me

Reach the third day to start this quest. Wendy will ask you to meet and help a call girl at the playground. Head there and meet her. She will tell you to take care of some crab people located in the cissies toilets. Once done, your mission will be complete.

The Big Beatdown

You will beat down a pimp in this side-quest to complete it. On your third day, when you will be part of the Freedom Pals, you will need to meet Cartman’s mom. The pimp will be there.

Therapy Wars

When you join the Freedom Pals on your third day, you will be required to meet Tweek and Craig at the school and defeat some enemies. Once done, your side-quest will be complete.

Always Bet on Chaos

This side-quest also takes place during your third day. You will be required to defeat some Rednecks after meeting Professor Chaos at the bank. You will also be required to clear the lava and reach the next level in the economic min-game before you can actually fight the rednecks.

From Dusk till Casa Bonita

You have to get Mysterion’s sister names Karen back from the Vampires that have kidnapped her and taken her to Casa Bonita. Mysterion is also known as Kenny McCormick. You will be requested by Kenny to get her back safe and sound.

Bring the Crunch

You will have to locate the counselors that have been missing in Lake Tardicaca that is their last known location. The issue is growing large with every passing moment. You need to help Fastpass in finding them.

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