South Park: The Fractured but Whole Morgan Freeman Boss Guide

This South Park: The Fractured but Whole Morgan Freeman Boss Guide will show you how you can make the challenge a little easier by giving you some tips and tricks which will help you beat Morgan Freeman. You need to complete the story to have a chance to beat him.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Morgan Freeman Boss

Morgan Freeman teaches you all about the TimeFart abilities and is a great teacher – he also teaches crafting. You can find him at Freeman’s Tacos.

You want to beat him because you will get the Golden Taco Artifact if you beat him which is the best artifact in the game by far.

To start the fight with Morgan Freeman, you need to go to Freeman’s Tacos and use the counter on the left side to get behind the register.

Now punch Morgan Freeman three times to begin the fight.

Remember that he will not fight you if you are black, you can change your race y talking to PC Principal at the Micro-Brewery.

Before you fight the boss though, remember that you need at least 800 Might, all four TImeFarts and a lot of max Revives and Max Antidoes if you want to win the battle. Swap out your Artifacts and DNA to boost status effect resistance.

Tips and Tricks

Before getting into the fight, we recommend that you must have a couple of combat buddies to help you out. For this specific combat we recommend none other than Mysterion (Kenny). He has some abilities that will help you out a lot during the fight.

One more combat buddy to go with is Fast Pass (Jimmy). He can be invisible during the fight and heal allies. In the end, you have to select a team that you are comfortable with and know their abilities well and how to use them to your benefit.

Use your summon TimeFart to call in a helper and skip his turn. This ability should be used only when he is using his Area of Effect like Fart attacks since they are very powerful.

Also, try to surround him during the fight and use your ultimate attacks only when he is using his younger form. Keep everyone healed at the start of the fight as well.

Now in the second phase of the fight, when Freeman is still young, you can freeze him and take away as much of his health as you can because it will be impossible to freeze the older freeman.

During the last phase of the fight, watch out for the charm and try to cure charmed allies as soon as you can. Also, use all status effects such as burn, bleed and gross to damage him as much as possible.

Lastly, remember that your allies will die constantly, just make sure that not all of them die at the same time.

Now keeping all the above things in mind, if you are able to stand your ground and get through this phase, you will be able to defeat the strongest boss of the game.

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