South Park: The Fractured but Whole Headshots Locations Guide

In this South Park: The Fractured but Whole Headshots Locations Guide, we will guide you on finding all the Headshot locations. The game features many collectible items along with fun side quests; headshots are one of such collectibles.

We have curated this Headshots Locations Guide with locations of all the headshots in the game so you can easily find them all and complete this side quest,

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Headshots Locations

For this collectible, you will need to start a mission first. Head over to Mr. Adams in the police station and start the mission. You will find him on the second floor inside the ‘Soft Room’.

He will task you with finding the right places and posting eight headshots around the world. We have detailed the locations of all eight headshots below.

Headshots Job Sidequest

Headshot Location #1
Location: Police Station
This headshot is located underneath the check in the desk inside the Police Station.

Headshot Location #2
Location: City Hall
Locate the bulletin board outside the City Hall for this headshot.

 Headshot Location #3
Location: Tweek Bros. Coffee
Go inside and find the headshot location underneath the cashier counter.

 Headshot Location #4
Location: Jimbo’s Guns
This is the Wanted poster bulletin board on the left side, beneath the moose head once you are inside.

Headshot Location #5
Location: Peppermint Hippo
Located on the Wall of Fame in the Lobby. Use the ladder to reach it.

Headshot Location #6
Location: South Park Elementary
This headshot is located inside the school. Go to the main entrance of the second floor. You will require Fartkour using Human Kite to get up there.

Headshot Location #7
Location: Stark’s Pond North
Located on the bulletin board on the left side once you reach there. Must have completed The Hundred Hands of Chaos first.

Headshot Location #8
Location: Community Center
You will find the last Headshot inside the community center on the bulletin board behind the podium. Use the ladder to place the headshot.

Once you have successfully placed all the Headshots, return to the Mr. Adams to finish the quest and receive your reward.

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