South Park: The Fractured but Whole Cats Locations Guide

In this South Park: The Fractured but Whole Cats Locations Guide, we will guide you on where you can find all of Big Al’s Gay Cats. We have listed all the Gay Cat locations so you may easily find them and return to Gay Al to get your well-deserved rewards.

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South Park: The Fractured but Whole Cats Locations

This fuide details the locations of all the cats in South Park that you need to catch in order to complete Scavenger Hunt: Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Cats.

There are 6 cats that you need to find in order to successfully complete the sidequest. You will get this sidequest somewhere around the 3rd night in the game.

You will find Big Al in the red house east of The Playground. Once you get the sidequest, go to the following locations to find the six cats.

Blossom Location
The first cat you need to find is Big Gay Blossom and is located in the SoDoSoPa homeless camp area. To reach the cat, you will need some help from your friend Kyle and his Human Kite and Fartkour ability. Scan the fan on the ruined fan and choose Kyle’s Kite. You will reach the cat easily.

Shadow Location
Big Gay Shadow is another cat and it is found in front of Bijou Cinema. To catch this cat, you need to use your TimeFart Pause ability because otherwise, the cat will run away.

Kirby Location
Big Gay Kirby is located on a tree near Bebe’s House. His house is located west most of the neighborhood and is colored red.

Find the tree and destroy the branch on which the cat is sitting using firecrackers. To catch it, use your TimeFart Pause ability. TimeFart Glitch can recreate the branch if you have destroyed it before.

Loki Location
Big Gay Loki is located near the ruins of South Park Mall. To capture it, freeze the time using your TimeFart Pause ability and catch it.

Bono Location
Find Big Gay Bono in a tree west of the church. Use Firecrackers to break the tree and TimeFart Pause to catch it. If you have already broken the branch before, you will use TimeFart Glitch to create it back again.

Bogie Location
Big Gay Bogie is located in the Hillvale Farm. It is located on the northeast side of the map. To get to it you will need to get past the old farmer who will block your way.

To get past, use TimeFart ability and put the crate located nearby to his right or left side so he is unable to move. Now head straight and capture the cat using Firecrackers and TimeFart Pause ability.

Once you have captured all six cats, head back to Big Gay Al to earn the Snowcat Costume Set and Feline Costume Set.

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