South Korea Imposes Ban On Account Boosting, Punishable By 2 Years In Jail

South Korea account boosting law can potentially land you 2 years in jail. Two years of your life gone for smurfing on another person’s account to bump up their rank. While this law has been floating around for a while, it’s finally been put into action

What is account boosting you ask? Account boosting refers to when you have a higher skilled player take over your account. This in turn means they will be raising your rank to a point you can’t get to on your own.

The description of this act makes it slightly odd as to why you could face two years in jail for it. That’s why there’s a few different variables I’m taking into account. These are the plausible reasons to the South Korean account boosting law.

The most prominent one is the sharing of social security numbers and information. A video game account tends to take several pieces of your personal info. This includes email ID and sometimes even credit card information as well as a billing address. Both of these are pieces of information you shouldn’t share with anyone.

Another reason I’m assuming is because of how serious the gaming scene in South Korea is. Koreans are notorious for being some of the best competitive gamers out there. When you see gaming as a profession, it’s easier to perceive boosting as a crime.

After all, you’re paying somebody to make yourself play in a higher bracket. Some players could even use boosting to enter high bracket tournaments.

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game where account boosting has been very prominent. So much so that even a professional player was banned from the Overwatch league. This was Dallas Fuel’s “OGE” who got caught boosting accounts days after he was drafted into the team. This led to the next point of the law in which advertising account boosting is another punishable offense.

The term boosting is a little vague. It can refer to a player lending his account to a more pro player. In Overwatch, Mercy players are often accused of being boosted in ranked play. This might be more of an insult than committing the actual offense.

Source: PCgames

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