Soulslike Action Game “Moonray” Is Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

The success of From Software’s Dark Souls and Bloodborne games have caused a whole new subgenre to come up in their wake, which many people these days call the “soulslike”. Now, a new Soulslike game called Moonray may be the first game from that genre to release on next-gen consoles.

In the game, players take on the role of a divine being, a golem created by a goddess in order to destroy a cult bent on her destruction. To do this you’ll have to fight your way through the cult’s army, and kill the high priest that has stolen the goddess’s power to empower his followers.

Gameplay seems very Dark Souls-like, focusing around the player facing a variety of enemies with any number of weapons, ranging from swords to hammers to guns, all through a very artistic-looking world inspired by the works of Salvador Dali that synchronizes to the game’s electric soundtrack.

Moonray combat can go anywhere from humble beginnings with one enemy at a time to tense and fast-paced showdowns that require players to mix light and heavy attacks with shots from their ranged weapon to help wear down opponents. You can, also like Dark Souls, upgrade at rest points.

The game will be coming to Early Access on PC on July 2, and that section of the game will feature both desert vistas and forest worlds. The full campaign that will launch with version 1.0 will feature a 10-15 hour campaign, and future updates will include new weapons, abilities, and worlds to explore.

Moonray doesn’t have an actual release date yet aside from its early access launch date, but hopefully developer Everything Is Full Of Gods will give us an actual concrete release date at some point in the future. Otherwise, you can see the game’s trailer here.