Soulja Boy Consoles Pulled From Store After He Realizes He’s All Up In It

The Soulja Boy consoles that he had been advertising for the past several weeks have been pulled from his personal store under threat of legal action

You might have heard the news recently that rapper Soulja Boy had been advertising a number of “custom” consoles on his own store, which included a number of different games from Nintendo. Despite the threat of an impending lawsuit, Soulja Boy remained unconcerned. Now the Soulja Boy consoles have been pulled.

The reasoning behind this was that, despite Soulja Boy’s confidence that Nintendo wouldn’t sue him (as he bragged, multiple times, on Twitter), apparently Nintendo is in fact preparing to pursue legal action, and one can hardly blame them. The Soulja Boy consoles looked like a ripoff Nintendo Switch, and included games both from Nintendo and various other publishers, such as Tekken and Tomb Raider.

Soulja Boy had also previously made the assertion that he would soon be starting an esports team (hopefully not using his consoles as their main platform), but now it appears that the threat of legal action from many different publishers have put the kibosh on those plans. Soulja Boy’s “explanation” on Twitter only said that he had to “boss up“, and didn’t have a choice.

Considering that not only were the Soulja Boy consoles so obviously taking points from the design of the Nintendo Switch, but he also didn’t have permission from any of the many, many publishers whose games he stole to put on the console, we might be seeing some form of legal action sometime soon.

There may be hope for Soulja Boy though; since he took them off the store before, apparently, too many of the Soulja Boy consoles could be sold (if any sold to begin with), and did it apparently when Nintendo asked, he might not see any lawsuit at all. On the other hand, Nintendo might want to make sure he doesn’t do it again and sue him anyway. We’ll just have to see how it pans out.

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