SoulCalibur V Viola Strategy Guide – Moves, Combos and Frame Data

Orbs, where have we seen them before in SoulCalibur? Well, the last one I remember (pardon me for my bad memory if I miss any other) was in SoulCalibur II, a weird Omni-weapon that Necrid used.

In SoulCalibur V a new orb-wielding illusive character has arrived, and her name is Viola. We’ll be going over the following in this guide:

  1. Viola’s Introduction
  2. Viola’s Move List
  3. Essential Moves With Frame Data
  4. General Tips and Tricks for playing as Viola
  5. Counter-character(s) for Viola

Soulcalibur V – Viola

Description: A new original character in the Soul series, Viola is a girl who does not remember her past, and has travelled with Z.W.E.I.

Viola’s prowess comes from her range, provided with her trustworthy primary weapon, the orb Quattuor Orbis, meaning ‘World of Four’ or ‘Four Rings’ in Latin. Her secondary weapon are four claw-like blades on her right hand’s fingers – you wouldn’t want to be scratched by those.

Difficulty: Hard

Move List:

(For understanding the acronyms and terminologies, refer to our SoulCalibur V Beginner’s Guide)

Main Moves:

  • Taurus Aurora: 6 A B

Block: H H

  • Pisces Zenith Succedent: B B B

Block: M M

  • Capricornus Sword: 3 B

Block: M

  • Fiery Sagitta Sign: K (while jumping)

Block: M M

  • Taurus Javelin: 6 A+B

Block: H H

  • Mars Savage: 2 A+B

Block: M

  • Venus Circlet: 4 A+B

Block: M

  • Luna Occultation: 6 B+K

Block: M

  • Sol Grand Trine: 6 6 A A B

Block: H H H

  • Lilith Siege: 8 8 or 2 2 B, A+B+K

Block: M M M

  • Arcanum Azrael: 2 3 6 2 3 6 A+B+K

Block: M M M M M M M


  • Combo 1: 4 B or 2 A+B
  • Combo 2: 1 B (counter) or 3 B or B B B
  • Combo 3: 3 3 B or 6 6 A A B
  • Combo 4: 3 B or A A B or 7 K or 2 A+B
  • Combo 5: 4 4 A, A+B+K or 3 3 B (hold) or 4 4 B or 2 B

Edge Attacks:

  • Arcanum Azrael: 2 3 6 2 3 6 A+B+K

Block: M M M M M M M

  • Lilith Shield: A+B, A+B+K (when orb is set)

Block: M M L

  • Lilith Triumph: B+K, A+B+K  (when orb is set)

Block: M

  • Lilith Recurrence: 2 B+K, A+B+K (when orb is set)

Block: L

  • Lilith Triregnum: 4 4 or 1 1 or 7 7 A, A+B+K (when orb is set)

Block: M M M M M

  • Lilith Siege: 8 8 or 2 2 B, A+B+K (when orb is set)

Block: M M M

  • Lilith Advent: 6 6 K, A+B+K

Block: M M M

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Essential Moves With Frame Data

In this category I’ll be describing the moves that are recommended for anyone looking to start with Viola. Do note that these are the ‘essentials’ in combat – you’ll be finding a lot of use for them as compared to other moves.

They will be displayed with their frame data*, in the following way:

Move (Frame Data)

The Frame Data is (Impact Damage Guard Hit Counter-hit**), each data being separated by a space.

*Note: Frame Data for some moves is currently unavailable. We’ll update as soon as we get our hands on it.

**Note: KND stands for Knock Down and STN for Stun



6 A A

1 A



3 B

4 B


4 K

1 K

6 K

Simultaneous Presses:


2 A+B


B+K (while facing away)

8-Way Run Attacks:

6 6 A A B

4 4 A B

6 6 B

3 3 or 9 9 B

6 6 K

3 3 or 9 9 K

General Tips for Viola Players

Anyone who has played Viola will notice her learning curve tends to make one’s head scratch. This is because of the eerie positioning of her orb, and how that changes the entire scenario of which moves you can and can’t use.

Since she’s a tricky one to play with, I’d recommend starting off with another ‘slow and ranged’ character to get used to it. SoulCalibur veterans shouldn’t really worry about that though.

Viola’s throws and some moves are different for different orb scenarios. This means that if she has the orb with her, her throws are different. However, when the orb is ‘set’, her throws change, and some moves are then possible to execute, while other already available moves change in a specific manner.

For example, A A B does a 2-hit combo when the orb is with Viola. However, when set behind the enemy, it does a 3-hit combo; tricky, situational stuff that really needs to be practiced. But remember, Training Mode is your best-friend in this case.

When dealing with moves, Viola has an equal amount of opportunity in all the categories, that is, horizontals, verticals and kicks.

Viola generally isn’t overly damaging, so expect fights to be long and tactical. What she really has an edge with is her brilliant reach. But really, B B B vertical and 3 B are Viola’s most trusty moves.

Counter-Character(s) for Viola

Considering the fact that this character is so new and rather tedious to play with, it’s a little hard to exactly know which character is weak against Viola and which is strong. We can only really make assumptions.

The first person that comes to my mind is Cervantes, simply because he has just as good a reach, but more importantly very high speed and relatively more damage. Xiba, an almost identical character to the much hated and loved Kilik, will obviously offer a lot of trouble to Viola.

Once again, it’s hard to determine who will exactly do great against an expert Viola player, simply because we haven’t really come across anyone with that trait.

Feel free to share additional information regarding the character by commenting below.

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