Soul Sacrifice Leveling Guide – How To Level Up

Soul Sacrifice has been released, and as you would imagine it is a brutally difficult game. In this guide, it is not your magician’s level we will talk about, but rather it is his arm that will be the centre of attention.

More specifically, we will be talking about the level of the arm. The Arm level (AL) is split into two parts; life and magic. Both can increase and decrease, and they are related to each other.

Life is what sets your Defense and Healing powers. Magic influences your attack powers. Neither affects your maximum HP, but you can alter that using special Seals.

You can level up both Life and Magic by beating enemies. If you save them after beating them, you will get Magic XP.

If you sacrifice them after beating them, you will get Life XP. Currently, the known level cap is 20, which means your character can be like 10/10, 19/1 or 1/19 – balance, full defense/support or full attack.

A 1/19 combo means your magician will inflict tremendous damage while a 19/1 combo means your magician will be a tank. So, see what fits your play style and how you want to play the game. You can level down any time you want but only if you have 20 of Libram’s tears to spend.

Depending on what ratio of Life and Magic you are playing with the stat of your arm changes. If your life is greater than your magic, then your arm will be a holy arm. If your magic is greater than your life, then your arm will be a devil arm.

Here are the total states of arm present In the game:

  • Devil Arm IV – Devil Arm III – Devil Arm II – Devil Arm I – Balanced Arm – Holy Arm I – Holy Arm II – Holy Arm III – Holy Arm IV.

The state of your arm does not affect your stats.

It only affects your seals. Although you can equip any seal on any arm, its secondary effect will only activate if the state of the arm is correct. The Icecold Seal, for example, will raise your freezing spell ratio by 20% – with an additional 10% if you’re at least a Holy Arm II.

That’s how the leveling system works in Soul Sacrifice. Don’t forget to share the fastest ways to level up in the game by commenting below!

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